Monday, March 15, 2010

Hope Renewed For Gifts Of Hope...But Not For Steve

I had an amazing weekend full of fun and excitement. Early Saturday morning I baked muffins for a benefit of which the proceeds would be donated to the Hope House in Midland, Texas. The bake sale was part of an all day event taking place in Wink, Texas at the school's fitness center. The event was spectacular and proved to be a huge success!

The KISS party wagon attended providing us with great dance music and the DJ giving updates on the tournament. We had a few young dancers that partook in the day's festive atmosphere. The DJ was also an avid supporter of the benefit and showed this by buying TONS of goodies from the bake sale.

There were nine teams that showed to play in the tournament. Some of our players had to forfeit due to being called out to work, the industry just never takes a break. Jesse, our tourney coordinator also played and has more details to come on just who won and the prizes awarded. I do know that every participant received a very nice T-shirt and gift bag.

On a more somber note, posters in dedication lined the wall of the fitness center reminding all of us that cancer doesn't affect just a few, but that everyone of us is touched by it in some way, either through a friend or relative...or perhaps being a cancer survivor.

Wink is an itty bitty town...maybe only 900 people or so. And yet, these people have the most generous caring giving spirit I've ever had the pleasure to come in contact with. The official count isn't done, but I've been told that the little benefit has raised over $5000 dollars for Hope House. Isn't that amazing?!? Which makes me even sadder when I think about the call I received from Steve Doeung this morning. I'm in a state of melancholy and outrage just thinking about the events that have will be too.

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