Friday, March 5, 2010

A Journey Towards Justice

Most of my perspective is a bit different from the average adult. My point of view includes that of my nine year old daughter, and honestly...I enjoy observing things through her eyes.

We started preparing for the Carter Avenue Rescue Rally about a week ago, planning our get away and route. We've taken this trip many a time, but never with this type of purpose.

Annie excitedly told her classmates and grandpa that she was going to court to help Steve and Lizzy fight Chesapeake. She wondered if in that fight would water hoses be turned on her and the others. She wondered if she could be in trouble. This is what was troubling. I understand the need to teach history facts, but I believe where we let our children down is that we fail to inform them that through the adversity, change for the better can and does occur. And after years of injustice, when that injustice is met with a righteous collective voice, that the system does indeed change.

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