Monday, March 15, 2010

New Political Party-- WE THE PEOPLE

Okay, jokingly I suggested to a friend today that I was going to create a new political party. This party is all inclusive. This party only has one purpose--to protect the people. As I thought about the absurdity of my statement, I began to really ponder it. Why not? Protecting the people means protecting all individuals rights from all sorts of abuse. Poorly funded schools, poverty, corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, eminent domain, and all those things that have plagued our society for years and which we the people have complacently accepted.

I've come to this decision after experiencing an unbelievable turn of events. I'll not repeat what happened to Steve Doeung, if you don't know click here to find out. I reside in a very small town of just 900 people. I'm friends with Jesse, who has had five family members stricken with cancer and all but one has succumbed to the disease. Cancer is something that Jesse takes personally and cares about. He decided one day to create from nothing, an event to benefit the Hope House in Midland, Texas. In about a month's time, Jesse and a few of his friends worked together and organized a tournament to raise donations for Hope House.

The benefit went off without a hitch, and in this little bitty town of only 900 people, $5000 dollars was raised. Next month another benefit is being done to raise money for a single mom friend of mine that underwent brain surgery. She has no health insurance and people have rallied around her in support. I can almost guarantee that the amount raised will be doubled. In March I sat at a table in the Texas Moon and I listened to the guitar player of a local band and the manager of a local bar...people who've had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in fund raising plan and organize this event within a matter of minutes.

Why am I telling you this? Because I find it nearly impossible to believe that in a town the size of Ft Worth, with the so called experts of fund raising, the experts of organizing, the experts of community activists that not one single penny was raised to help provide legal defense for Steve Doeung. And these people had an ENTIRE YEAR to do it!

Why is it that "concerned" people are not taking action? Why is it that they are only talking? How is it that "people" with experience in organizing huge events haven't been able to put together a simple bake sale outside a Walmart, or find a local band to perform a concert and collect a cover charge at the door, or do a softball tournament where the proceeds would be donated? Do they have a hidden agenda? Are they being made promises by city officials to put on the guise of help in exchange for monetary benefits? Are certain protections being offered in exchange for martyrdom silence?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that these are some harsh unfair questions. But guess what? I have the right to ask them...are you going to answer them?


John Q. said...

As the old expression goes: Money talks. Money also shuts people up. Money is the main ammunitions used in FW. The weaker and darker sides of human nature are the weapons that go with these ammos. That's pretty the M.O. around here: talk, complain, and event "protest" (in in large groups or in organized and united fashion though b/c the the "Star/s" cannot shine as brightly) BUT ACTION/S...well, consider the evidence. Good points CT&CT. The truth you describe is costing the community in so many ways. The cheap tricks used against Steve Doeung is costing him dearly --and will cost the rest of us as well since we could be the next prey. CHK and their City bedmates should pray more so that they would prey less. may God bless the and keep them--far away from our homes and families (locked up behind bars, preferrably).

Jovan Gonzales said...

I would so be a member of this party. But then you have to ask, does everyone WANT to be protected from such things? And what do I have to give up in exchange? There's always a pro and con. Just saying. I think it's great that in Wink, y'all can do such a great thing! I'm pretty impressed! But you also have to realize, those are small towns. There's no sense of community or whatever in FW. I imagine that most people in FW don't even know of SD. That's just my guess though.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Jovan, it's unfortunate that we can't stop and see what's being done to us, how politicians and corporations make us focus on issues like gay rights and abortion (obviously things we're not going to agree on) so they can subversively continue to rob us, out source our jobs, throw money at congress, get money from congress...and the whole time they're sneering and laughing at us because we have no clue the shambles we've allowed our great nation to fall into. It's pathetic and apathetic all at the same time.

Jovan Gonzales said...

You know, you're absolutely right. It's terrible that a nation that could band together to break away from England, or win a World War, can't band together to help a fellow American in a time of need. It seems that we just need an Extreme Makeover: American Edition. Lol.