Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Carter Avenue Foreshadowed

A peaceful San Antonio neighborhood sees it's children off to school on a Wednesday morning. Yards are watered, dishes cleared and washed after breakfast and the usual morning routines are in play. What's so different about this neighborhood from other Texas neighborhoods? Along the public road, below the surface runs a 24" natural gas pipeline. Close to the size that Chesapeake Energy wants and plans on running under the homes on Carter Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas.

The events that transpired at 10:15AM, May 6th in 2009, rocked the Greystone subdivision with a cataclysmic force that not only shut the neighborhood down, but the adjacent streets as well. The gas line exploded. What if, it had been a Saturday morning, and our children were not at school, but playing outside? What if the pipeline was run under the homes instead of along the public road? Can you ever be guaranteed safety in your own home, your yard, the street that you live on?

Accidents do happen. That's why being proactive instead of reactive is the best possible course of action. Why can't Chesapeake Energy, a private natural gas company...NOT A PUBLIC UTILITY...take the alternate route proposed? Why do they insist on running a dangerous, highly pressurized, 16" natural gas pipeline under the homes and children on Carter Avenue? Why do they insist on putting American Citizens lives in danger?

Remember, "We the People" grant what limited power government has. As a society of free people we have lost sight of the fact that we are indeed the ones who have the final say so through the power of free speech and our franchise. We will no longer cowtow to the powers that be in Cow Town.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put CT/CT. I checked out the report from the local SA tv station and IT BLEW MY MIND--the flame shot up to 3-4 stories high and charred a vehicle parked at least 40-50 yards away. Those homes on Carter Ave. are just 4-10 yards away. Forget about finding evidence and remains if such were to happen. Plus such a major explosion will probably trigger and spread to other pipelines FROM UTILITIES like the 1-inch gas and water pipelines criss-crossing the whole neighborhood. I see why Steve D. had used the expression "insult and injury"--I would feel insulted and denigraded too when realizing that CHK AND THE CITY were viewing my life and those of my children, families, friends and neighbors as expendable--cheap enough to take the "risk" of cramming these down those poor people's throats simply for money and power. Have they no shame or any sense of decency? Do people owning stock, leasing land, and doing any kind of business with this company (and city) know what heartless and inhumane practices they're engaging in? If child labor to make tennis shoes is morally unacceptable, then CHK's conduct on Carter Ave. is......?

Jovan Gonzales said...

Wow. I'm telling you, you need to be an investigative journalist. You always say things in such a way as to make it stick! You know? Everything has such a nice ring to it coming from you! I still can't believe CHK. Those whores. -__-

Texas Eminent Domain Abuse said...

Natural gas pipelines have blown up? In Texas? I'm shocked. NO wonder no one would dream of sticking such a thing underneath people's homes.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Jovan...thank ya for the very sweet compliment! They always say you have three careers...maybe I should ponder on that!!! CHK...big time whores

TEDA- It's hard to believe, I know...especially when THEY (chesapeake and others like them) swear up and down (get a pump jack) the pipes are really SAFE!