Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outlash...West Texas' Good Time Band

Why am I so fond of this metal band? Not only do they know how to please a crowd, but their dedication to fans and friends can't be surpassed. When lead guitarist J.R. Sanchez heard of his long time friend and fan, Erika Berry, need for assistance he knew he could count on Outlash to provide some help. Within a matter of minutes, J.R. confirmed that Outlash would do a benefit performance with all proceeds going towards Erika's medical expenses.

Outlash is a new breed of West Texas metal whose name has become synonymous with precise, melodic, and catchy hard rock. They appeal to a wide and varied audience with music that is heavy enough for hardcore listeners, but still radio-friendly and accessible to the masses.

The sound can best be described as a style of groove metal with a slightly technical edge, coarse (not harsh) vocals and thick-sounding riffs, and a melodic core with head-banging beats. Lyrically and stylistically original themes dealing with everything from tattooing to emotional pain and suffering, the overall musical mood is dark and melancholy, but doesn't focus on political or religious subjects thereby avoiding pretentiousness. But it is definitely metal, and definitely engages the listener.

Formed in October of 2008, the band draws its creative force from the input of four prominent local musicians whom each bring a unique perspective and talent to the writing process. The line-up consists of vocalist and guitarist Ed Alvarado (Driveshaft and Easy to Empty), lead guitarist J.R. Sanchez (Black Tooth Grin and Easy to Empty), bassist Evan Bouten (Driveshaft and Section-8), and drummer Tony Diamond (Lotus and Red-Effect).

All members have extensive stage and studio experience, bringing their various backgrounds together to produce the powerful music of Outlash. With a vast repertoire of covers to compliment their original music (everything from Pink Floyd to Pantera), Outlash is suitable to any rock venue and is eager to entertain and engage all crowds, small or large, with their impressive stage presence and powerful sound. They have also recently recorded and released a full-length demo, Machine Precision, and have a full line of merchandise available for their fans.
band bio provided by J.R. Sanchez


Ward in the Woods said...

Thanks Outlash, helping others
is good Karma for you.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

These guys are so much fun to be around and their families are also so sweet :-)