Monday, March 8, 2010

Will You Please Send An Email To Judge Sprinkle?

Honorable Judge Sprinkle,

I implore you to not sign the order allowing/granting Chesapeake eminent domain on Carter Ave. I live in West Texas, I have seen the effects of high pressurized gas lines...explosions that rocked our little town. Chesapeake is not a public utility company, we all know that this is a company that drills for profit. How can the public representatives allow the safety of these people to go unchecked? How can Fort Worth's elected officials grant Chesapeake full and free access to Carter Ave and other neighborhoods when in fact an alternate more viable route is available. Please, I ask humbly...don't sign the order. I was there in the courtroom. I observed Steve fighting for his rights. How unfair that he doesn't have legal representation. Is justice only a protected right of the wealthy? A protected right of only the criminal? Where is justice for those who abide by the law and yet can't afford to hire a lawyer.

Joely Trujillo
Wink, TX 79789

The above is my email to Steve's judge. Yes, I called him Steve's judge. You see, he's the only person in the justice system that can give Steve any assistance. The Institute of Justice won't help...they're afraid of the Big Oil & Gas companies. Local Fort Worth attorneys won't help...they're afraid of the Big Oil & Gas companies, as well. All we have are the words in our heads. Please, take a moment and compose an email...then hit the send button. It's just that easy.


Anonymous said...

Nice letter. We'll write as well.
That picture of the kids is priceless. They may not know what was happening (and look miserable, even) but they will thank their parents and neighbors later --even read about their roles in a significant event in historical accounts later on. Glad to see Annie participating and grasping what a democratic society is all about. Good mommy!!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you for the kind compliment. Annie had a blast and was very excited to be able to share with her Social Studies class the events that transpired in Ft Worth.

Jovan Gonzales said...

How well written!!! If only it had worked ... :( I think even something horrible happening on Carter Ave wouldn't stop CHK from being such a deplorable company. I think MonGrief would let them keep sucking Fart Worth (you know, form all the natural gas, hahahahahaha) dry even if it cost MORE lives. I vote that everyone move out of Fart. Now. Ha!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

No no no...Jovan! I do like the Fart pun, pretty funny, but...I'm thinking we need to exercise our voices and votes and kick THEM out...ya know, the ones that are causing all the problems. Remember, WE THE PEOPLE?

Cory jackson said...

Does anyone else see exploitation? Children who don't have any idea what is going on being asked to 'protest' against something?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Cory, those children are Steve's children. They have lived right smack in the middle of big bully tactics and understand (maybe not the baby) the harassment their parents and neighbors have suffered. The children that attended were not strangers brought in off the street, they are our children, brought to see that no matter the injustice, a few of the small people can band together to make a noise that might be heard. My daughter, nine at the time, knew exactly what was going on and why she was there. She knew that Steve did not have money for legal representation, she also knew that this was the final hearing. She was also well aware of how the gas and oil industry use and abuse their employees, considering her father worked in the business for only six years, but left it with a broken back, an addiction and a tarnished reputation. She also understands that people around her in our small town are dieing at alarming rates due to cancer. She is also fully aware of the contamination of our drinking water, of when oil and gas companies cut down fences and allow her neighbors horses to run free in order to frack the ground. I think sir, you have assumed child knew full well what she was protesting that day.