Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All For One and One For All OR Is This When The Rest Of Us Tuck Our Tails And Run?

I've been keeping up somewhat with the goings on over in DISH and Mayor Tillman, along with the attacks on the Ruggieros by Aruba Petroleum, and let's not forget the mafiaesque tactics used against Durango by corrupt bankrupt Express Energy, and finally the eminent domain abuses and intimidation against Steve Doeung by Chesapeake and generally keeping up with the Wink Sink, illegal dumping of tanker contents and flaring. So, you can well imagine it gets pretty busy around here.

It's rather easy to read and sometimes make comments about issues that really rile us up. We become indignant and wish we could always do more. Haven't you ever just wanted to call up the offender and give them a piece of your mind? Tell them to back off, follow the rules, play a fair game, stop hiding behind big money? I know I have and guess what? I'll get to make two phone calls Thursday to do just that.

Remember the first person I mentioned? Mayor Tillman of DISH? He needs our help. We can sure appreciate a man, an elected official, that's truly looking out for and protecting the interests of the people in the town he's the mayor of. Believe me, not all towns are fortunate enough to have a decent hard working responsive mayor, just take Fort Worth's Mayor Moncrief for example...a really bad example.

It seems that because Mayor Tillman is doing his job, he's being threatened by the oil and gas industry. Here's just a bit of that threat:

"I have become a lightening rod for personal attacks by our friends in the Natural Gas Industry...the latest...they are threatening to file suit..." Read the story of the town of DISH and Mayor Tillman.

A quote that I see from Mayor Tillman "Together we bargain, divided we beg"
is a call for unification and action. Please, support the efforts of Mayor Tillman and let the Natural Gas Industry know that they need to clean up DISH and then get out and leave those people alone.

I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to make a couple of quick phone calls. One to Patrick Nugent 512-478-2871 and then when I'm through with him I'm gonna call Celina Romero 512-472-8800. What does the good Mayor of DISH want us to tell these two BIG ENERGY supporters? Pure and simple, "Clean up your mess in DISH, TX and Leave Mayor Tillman and the people of DISH alone."