Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cowboy Tim And The Industry Produced Salt Lakes Of Wink Texas

I grew up in Mississippi along the Gulf of Mexico, I'm a far way from home. I'm used to when crossing a bridge, that that bridge would convey you across some type of water, not dry land, which seems to be the case out here in West Texas. Why would it be that in West Texas, Wink specifically, there would be bridges conveying people across dry dusty desert land?

Here's the answer. Way back when, before there were drilling regulations, the oil and gas industry would just let all that industry produced water flow free instead of putting it into disposal tanks. The water was very salty, referred to as brine. And way back then, people out here referred to the monument draw as the Salt Lakes. They'd even swim in them! Not sure if that was such a good idea.

While I was taking some pictures, Cowboy Tim stopped by to ask what I was up to. I had never met Cowboy Tim before and for some reason he knew exactly what I did for a living. Yep, a teacher...I asked him how he knew of such a thing about somebody he'd never met before and he replied it was because I was nice and what else would a woman do out here in these parts? Isn't Cowboy Tim sweet?

Cowboy Tim invited me to come watch him in action at the Roark Ranch. He's sort of a new fangled cowboy, he doesn't ride a horse when he herds cattle, he rides a four wheeler. Maybe, Cowboy Tim can learn a few things about what women can do out in these here parts. I'm thinking I'm going to take Cowboy Tim up on his offer for a visit real soon. I'm looking for a new job, I'm wondering if Cowboy Tim needs a new ranch hand?

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