Thursday, January 21, 2010

When The Wind Blows Shouldn't the Blades Go?

January has just flown by, hasn't it? I mean, here we are in the third week and pretty soon we'll be heading into February. I told a friend the other day that my computer has been having some trouble, something about Trojans? Used to, when a person mentioned Trojans a nice connotation of protected pleasure would come to mind, now it just means definite disaster, as in my computer's health.

My employment continues to be a burdensome necessity and with so many in our sector jobless I've been extra careful to be appreciative of utter chaos and confusion. I do have some embers smoldering and I do know that after speaking with my son, a move would really make him very unhappy. I'm not in the business of creating disillusionment in my children.

Annie and I went shopping yesterday over in Odessa, we braved Walmart and found that the experience hasn't scarred us for life. We didn't get finished with the monthly grocery shopping until 9PM! More time was needed to gather supplies, because Annie is having a slumber party Friday night which will then turn into a day filled of fun for Saturday.

Yesterday, the wind was gusting up into the 40s! On the way to Odessa, we always pass a whole bunch of Wind Turbines at the Caprock. You know, I thought that when the wind blew was when the blades turned on those turbines, but as I observed those mighty turbine giants not a SINGLE BLADE was moving! Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

I don't have much time before the big sleep over and I've got plenty to accomplish before the giggling, squirming, sassy, gals descend upon the Trujillo Family home. There's dishes to wash, clothes to fold, a scavenger hunt to prepare and water balloons to fill.


Jovan Gonzales said...

January HAS flown by!!! I like how that cleverly sets up the wind turbine question! :P

Apparently, I'm more adult than you because when I hear the word "Trojan", I think of either the Trojan horse or the mascot of a nearby school, the Trojans. So. It would seem that I AM the adult in this relationship! :P I hope your computer is/stays okay. That would not be fun for it to die.

About your son, sometimes a move is necessary to keep your family afloat. You wouldn't want your son to be unhappy because of being in poverty, now would you? I had to move a lot as a kid, and I'm totally normal ... okay, SOMEWHAT normal.

I always thought that going to Dallas seemed like a PITA, but we have a Wally-world (even though the stupid thing closes at 10). Sorry!!!

Now. For your wind turbines. If the wind was GUSTING, then it won't be enough to turn a blade very far. It has to be continual wind. It's kind of like when you push a car. The initial push is super hard, but once it's rolling, it takes less energy. But like pushing a car, as soon as you stop, so will the car and if you don't give it another really hard push, it won't go. As far as I know, most wind turbines require a steady wind of at least 7mph. If there was a STEADY wind with gusts, then you'd see them momentarily speed up and then go back down to steady speed. Also, wind is considered to be a fluid (similar to water!). This means that high in the air (I believe most of those turbines out there are around 300 ft) the wind is different than at ground level. Since turbines take advantage of the relatively constant winds at high(ish) altitude, it probably was just a high pressure zone temporarily displacing the constant westerlies. What I mean is, there was gusts on the ground because of the temperature differences (also from the pressure change) but high up, the temp is pretty much the same but the pressure deflected the streams of air that power those turbines. Sometimes you can see the opposite of what you saw. No breeze at all on the ground but the turbines can still be moving. If the turbine could be like 3K ft tall, it would never stop and spin at about 100mph constantly. Imagine THAT wind power!!!

^I think that was about it!?

PS: you are one wicked awesome mother. I only had a few sleepovers, and none of them involved a scavenger hunt OR water balloons!!!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hmmm...maybe, just maybe...I'm the more experienced adult in this relationship! ;)

WOW! Your wind turbine explanation made perfect sense! I was getting the feeling somehow I was being duped! I kept feeling a nagging depressed sinking (not cuz I was near a sink hole either), there were 13 new wells right near those turbines. I kept thinking, "Hey...maybe these turbines are decoys!" Weird, huh? But your explanation now makes me feel whole lot better. I do remember the weather guy saying something about a high pressure storm or sort...anyway, some of the words you used ...he used!

Well, regardless if I move or not, I purchased geo thermal windows for the house today!!! They'll be out in a couple of weeks to measure and install my new energy efficient windows with extra weather stripping! SAVE!CONSERVE! sweet is that? Those are the tentative plans and hopefully it won't be windy and spoil our weekend!