Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Made My Phone Calls...How About You?

I got an email alert from a concerned friend advising me that in my rage against BIG OIL & GAS I made a few blogging errors. I'm hoping I repaired those errors enough so that the message intended got across.

Last night I attempted to inform y'all that DISH needed some help from the CAVALRY. Do you remember what I said I was going to do today? That's remember.

I phoned Mr. Patrick Nugent's office. I thought maybe I'd be too late because it was nearly 4:30PM and I had just returned with my son after acquiring his new driver's license. I hurriedly typed in the number, which resulted in a polite voice informing me that the number I had dialed was invalid.

What? Wow...I started thinking that possibly thousands of people had already called and Mr. Nugent had to disconnect his phone! Not quite, I had just punched in the wrong number. I tried again and on the third ring a frazzled man's voice answered and I could literally hear two or three other phones ringing in the background. Could it be that his phones haven't stopped ringing all day?

"Pipeline Association." "Hello, Mr. Nugent?" "Yes." "My name is Joely Trujillo and I live in Wink, Texas. I'm calling today to inform you that I support Mayor Tillman and am asking that you clean up your mess in DISH and please leave those people alone."

I'm not sure what other people have said when they've called or what the tone of their voice may have been, rather it suggested anger or not, but I must have taken Mr. Nugent by surprise, because he thanked me for calling and then he said, "Calvin Tillman is a good man." I agreed and added, "I wish Texas had more mayors like Mr. Tillman."

Heart beating fast, I then took a breath and dialed the next number to Ms. Romero. She didn't answer like Mr. Nugent, but instead another lady did telling me that Ms. Romero was in a meeting. I left a message with the lady giving her my name and phone number. She inquired as to what state I was calling from. I then figured I should beef up my Texas accent and resounded, "I'm calling from Texas, West Texas that is...the true heart of Oil & Gas country." (I love saying that, it makes me feel like I'm some kind of expert)

She gave a little giggle and said that she wasn't familiar with the 432 area code and just wanted to make sure. By this time I had my Texas Twang down pat, and laid it on really thick. I told her that DISH was lucky to have Mayor Tillman and that I wished the Oil & Gas industry would clean up that town and leave the people alone. I told her that I understand first hand the effects of drilling, that my little town of Wink is sinking and that soon we may have to start shutting down our county roads because they are unsafe.

I also told her that we're going to have a fundraiser in March for cancer victims and that participants were asked to create a poster which included the names of each family member that has succumbed to cancer. I told her that as the posters were brought, the sensation it created was one of despair as I saw for just a little town of 900, that the number of victims was staggering.

I explained that sometimes test results can be manipulated, that people who are supposed to protect you don't, and that votes are bought. I explained that there isn't a Calvin Tillman in every city and town, that he is a man of rare substance and a true elected official that is doing his duty.


Gar said...

I don't like talking on the phone.

Can I ask you some questions?

Is Wink's population really down to 900? I think it was still 1000+ when I left.

And I've never heard your Texas accent. If I remember right (back about 23 years ago -- give or take), you were the first person I met that could say hello with 3 syllables. But that wasn't Texas. Have I heard your Texas accent?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hmmm...Wink's population, give or take a hundred. Work has become seasonal or dependent mainly on the drilling climate. Due the the decrease in drilling and the recession lots of people were laid off...even long time company men. We may see an increase in the population due to increased natural gas drilling. Also, Penwell is the new home of some sorta coal liquification plant. Construction should begin within a year, Wink might get spill over residents from that, but with Monahans making it further in the football playoffs, I'm sure that will be a more determining factor for when parents are deciding upon a school district. The two largest classes are the 4th grade 32 kids and the 10th grade 36 kids...all the other classes contain 10 or more fewer students.

I have several accents. I developed a yankee accent for when I used to do telemarketing for the Collier Encyclopedia company. I think that will come in handy for when Durango and I go on road trip back to his home state. He says that I do it very well. Then there's my cajun accent, after years of partying in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Then I've got that really mellow sounding drugged out on weed one, when I lived in Denver. That was a must, really helped when scoring. Which one did I use when you got me drunk last summer? I don't quite remember.

Durango said...

I am so looking forward to our roadtrip back to my home state.

Please use the Denver accent whilst in WA.

No, second thought, I would prefer you go all Southern Belle whilst up north.

I did not know, til now, that Garbo got you snockered when you were in Dallas last summer.

I would say I'm shocked, but I'm not. Garbo is a booze pusher.

Gar said...

Man, if I only had the power to get women snockered, I'd spend a lot less time complaining.

I'm afraid drunkenness is always self inflicted.

Go with the Cajun accent.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You like Cajun's? Or just the sound of a thick syrupy cajun accent?

I'm thinking it's easier just to blame all my woes on others, instead of taking responsibility for my own stupidity, don't you? That way when I project or transfer my feelings of anger and irritation towards a completely innocent person, then all I have to say is, "Well, someone or something else has caused me to be a bit thinned skin...but you understand why I called you an ass...dont ya?" See how easy that is? And Oh, by the way...I was just kidding

Durango, I as well am looking forward to the trip to Washington and you got...Southern Belle all the way. Do you think we can go in June? There's a marathon I'm wanting to try.

Gar said...

I like the Cajun because it's the most unique. I like unique.

That whole middle paragraph confused me, but I feel it is necessary to take a stab at it. Who said anything about being stupid? Who said anyone was completely innocent? I've only called Big D an ass lately. Are you protecting Big D? I don't think he needs protection. Was someone kidding? Ok, that wasn't a very good stab, but thanks for playing.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You confused? I don't believe it. Why must men stab when they can just insert? Did someone say you were stupid? Or are you transferring your feelings onto my comment? When did you call Durango an ass? Did I miss something? Have you erased yet another erroneous blog that you weren't quite ready to share with the world? We were playing a game? Why didn't you tell me, I love games.