Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Magnificent Seven and Sleepover Madness

I absolutely love Slumber Parties! They are so much fun, but with girls these kind of parties can sometimes end with lots of feelings hurt. To ensure that Annie's sleepover didn't turn into mayhem I scheduled lots of activities and fun things to do.

Most of the girls rode home from school with Annie. We resembled a minuscule clown car at the Ringling Brothers' Circus, fitting seven girls and a lady into a two seater truck! And that's how the fun began. Destination completed, the girls unloaded one by one and secured a spot in Annie's room for their sleepover belongings.

Easy entertaining sleep over fun begins with cooking. The girls created dough and then fashioned the dough into a round flat looking shape. They then spread some type of red sauce all over the flat surface of the dough, topping it with shredded cheese, pepperonis and Canadian bacon.

Mommies and daddies, you need to hear this..."Let your children help you cook!" They love it!!! Everyone of these giggly gals clamored to measure the liquids, pour them in and mix them to perfection. While we waited for the pizzas to bake, I made my way to and began blasting the music for an instant impromptu dance party. One of my favorite can't go wrong singers...Weird Al. His lyrics are entertaining and the kids love it.

After consuming massive amounts of pizza and Capri Sun, we then made S'mores. M'm...these things are so good and such an easy do it yourself kinda treat. Mommies and Daddies, even if you're on a special diet, eat one, okay? And make sure you get the ooey gooey marshmallow all over your face, the girls loved telling me I had made a mess!

I've learned from experience that canned sodas aren't a good idea for any kid party. They never finish the entire soda and you're left with almost full cans of soda, with kids wanting something else to drink, but they have no idea if that almost full can of Coke is theirs or not...bad, really bad, idea. Capri Suns are the best for parties and if you have to divvy out soda, souvenir party cups with the kids' names in marker on the cup for identification purposes.

We played several traditional sleep over games, such as light as a feather and stiff as a board, Bloody Mary and Truth or Dare. I'll do a separate blog for light as a feather and for Bloody Mary. I got really tickled when one of the girls suggested we play spin the bottle. I replied that spin the bottle is usually played with girls and boys. My girls insisted they wanted to play, so I agreed and made up some rules for this new variation.

How to play Spin the Bottle with all girls. First variation, has the girls going around the circle taking turns spinning instead of having the person the bottle landing on spinning. Once the bottle is pointing towards someone, the spinner then confesses what boy she'd most like to kiss. Of course, all the girls giggle insanely and then the spinner kisses the spinnee on the cheek. You play until you get bored.

Second variation, has the girls taking turns like in the first variation. This time though, instead of naming a boy the girls are actually collecting kisses. You find the gaudiest ugliest lipstick you have, each of you coat your lips really good and then start playing. The girl with the most set of lip prints on her face, wins. You play for about 10 - 15 minutes.

I never planned for this game, it was impromptu, but with adjustments it turned into a really fun moment. The girls shared their secret crushes and we all laughed and giggled our hearts out! But to ensure that these secret sacred crushes aren't revealed on Monday at school, you must perform a Pinkie Promise to never reveal and then provide the girls with a most terrible curse for revealing said promise. You'll never guess in a million years what I promised them would happen if they spilled the beans!


Jovan Gonzales said...

THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! You sure planned a fun night. I'm jealous. Maybe you can do something more adult and plan my upcoming party!? :P I always drank capri suns when I was younger!!! Those and Mondos!!! Mmmmm. The good ole days. I forsee a grown-up slumber party in my future, thanks for the ideas, hahahaha. Kiddin.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hey! The same night my son had a teen sleepover, not at my house, but at his friend's. Since it's Black History Month, they played Underground Railroad. So...there's an idea!

Durango said...

You're having an adult slumber party and Jovan's coming? You should invite Gar the Texan too and then trick him to fix your computer by turning it into some sort of game. Somehow mixing drinking in as part of the game would produce the best result.

Jovan Gonzales said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Is it politically correct for a non-black (such as your son and me) to be playing underground railroad!? I wish I could convey to you how hard and loudly I laughed just now. Oh geez. You are just so dang witty!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Durango, you're mistaken...I'm not throwing the adult sleepover, Jovan is, but drinking at a slumber party could be quite entertaining, especially if it involves Gar the Texan and his innate ability to fix stuff.

Jovan, of course it's politically correct, we're all about empathy here! And God says we all came from Adam & Eve, so therefore, we must all be black in some way shape or form.

Ward in the Woods said...

Annie's so lucky!

Anonymous said...


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