Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Don't Put A Toilet In A Kitchen

Reminds me of an old Roger Miller song, "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd." Miller suggests some pretty crazy things that you just can't do. Like you can't put a water waste injection well next to a pristine clean reservoir!

Jim Legieri, general manager of the Bartonville Water Supply Corp, gets it:

"You don't put a toilet in a kitchen, which is what they want to do."

The injection well would suck up 25,000 barrels of waste water per day, that's a lot of possible contamination. Why can't we take a moment and realize that if contamination occurs, how are we going to get the water uncontaminated? Why risk an entire county's drinking supply to find out?

Clane LaCrosse, president of Bosque Disposal Systems, doesn't understand why we should be concerned. Hey, Clane, can you tell us how to rollerskate in a buffalo herd?

Alicia Diehl, team leader of the Texas Commission on Environment Water Quality, doesn't understand why we should be concerned. She says there's NO EVIDENCE of contamination. I guess that sort of thing only raises concerns in New York.

Hopefully the Railroad Commission will be concerned.


Don Young said...

Yeah and you can't take a shower in a parakeet cage, either. Great metaphor or is that analogy? Reminds me of another someone said in 2005, "You don't play soccer in the Kimbell Art Museum anymore than you put gas wells in Tandy Hills Natural Area."

BTW: I already liked you but knowing that Roger Miller song really seals the deal. Miller was a genius at bending and twisting the English language in the funnest ways. Born in FW, TX, too. Died too young.

Now I can't get that dang song outta my head! buddalbopbopbop.doooodladangdangdoodlabop.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Let's see, my English teaching background tells me it's an analogy. :) That fella that made the soccer analogy, pretty dang smart!

Which reminds me, that when I first came across Durango, his name reminded me of Miller's Dang Me. He'd never heard of such a song! Must be a Southern thing.

Sugar is sweet and so is Maple Surple!

TXsharon said...

Well, I feel like I've been smoking Old Stogies I have found, short but not too big around... because the air is so bad here.

One reason the TRC can say there has been no contamination from disposal wells:

They haven't done ANY testing!

Jovan Gonzales said...

Well. I don't have any clever analogies. I must not be old enough yet! BURN!!! :P No but seriously, how many times does someone have die of poisoned water and and yet another company get into trouble before they learn to change!? Isn't the burnt baby supposed to shun the fire??? Shouldn't these people be shunning this kind of development!? HAS NO ONE SEEN ERIN BROCKOVICH!!?? Ergh.

PS: you are one clever gal. You should be an ethics prof if nothing else. Governor or ethics prof. Those are your only options.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

My Dear...Dear...Jovan,
Me thinks that Roger Miller is lost to you! Burn accepted...:)

Like others have said before me, it takes years for some of the hazards to develop, and then sadly...too late.

Hmmm...that's interesting, I'm thinking Prof sounds good :)