Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Lively Discussion On Prop 8

Here's what I posted on my wall at Facebook.com. "The Proposition 8 campaign intends to call a handful of expert witnesses who also will testify about the history of marriage and who will contend that "traditional" marriage benefits children."

And then I posted this:

That is SOOO laughable!!! ALL my gay friends are products of "traditional" marriage...hmmm...makes one wonder

Then these are the comments that followed:

"Traditional marriages produce Neanderthal gun toting macho red necks. What does that prove? Traditional marriages also produced the majority of people in prison. Most people with mental and physical defects come from traditional marriages. Hitler came from a traditional marriage.And how on earth does what two people down the block affect some other married couple? Are they suddenly going to exclaim "Oh yes! I want to be gay too!" Not bloody likely. The good charitable and forgiving couple will spread rumors, innuendos and hatred about their neighbours and attempt to control and direct their behaviour.While heterosexual myself I have worked with and been friends with both gays and lesbians, some of the brightest, most engaging people I have known and I wouldn't trade them for a minute for the many dull, narrow minded red necks I have also known and worked with."

Can you tell where Mr. Paddle hails from? Oh, look, he's made friends with a red neck. This should be interesting.

"Mr.Paddle, being one of those gun toting, snuff dippin', god fearin', macho neanderthal red necks, I beg to differ. A few of us knuckle draggers are fairly level headed and open to opposeing views. I also had freinds that were gay\lesbians, in fact, a few family members swing that way. Although what I think of there private lives should be of no consequence, but by the same token, I shouldnt have to be beat 'bout the head shoulders in order to make me believe its right.With all due respect."

I figured at this point that I should intervene and bring the discussion to an end, you know, have the two fellows shake hands and pretend to be friends.

"It's quite interesting to observe two ends of the spectrum debating quite nicely, sharing lovely opinions and enlightening the other... Tis a truly amazing time we live in, would you agree?"

Mr. Paddle responding to Mr. Red Neck:
"I never mentioned right or wrong. It's none of my or anyone else's business how others conduct their lives. Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness, as I recall. Who gave the Christian church ownership of the institution of marriage? They don't own it and shouldn't be able to control it either. Separation of Church and State."

Well, I'm truly shocked. I was completely ignored. I mean it was my wall after all...and the comments continued on and on and on...


Gar said...

Your comment "all my gay friends are products of 'traditional' marriage" makes it sound like you think being gay is bad or detrimental or not normal.

It would be like saying, "all my criminal friends are products of 'traditional' marriage".

If 'traditional' marriages created people that are happy with their sexuality, then I'd say kudos to traditional marriages. Whatever "traditional" is.

It is simply frightening that we allow the government to dictate relationships at all. Relationships should be as far away from the government as religion should be.

Let's call it proposition none: Government should get out of the relationship business. This includes, but is not limited to marriage.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I think you and I both know...well, maybe you don't know, because truly...you really don't know me...that I would never intend that I think there's something devious or wrong with someone if they're gay. It's laughable to assume that the traditional marriage is the only union that is beneficial to children. Don't twist my words.