Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dolchstoss -- The Legendary Stab In The Back

An outsider posing as a friend walks among you and he is a treacherous enemy indeed. He is the assimilated Industry man, able to betray the people of Fort Worth, because he pretends to be their faithful friend. One that will provide and take care of every need.

The outsider is not just one man he is every industry man that claims what he produces is of no harm to you. He conceals the truth in order to spread his lies and bury deceit far beneath you. That deceit, festers and takes root, it disseminates rapidly invading every orifice.

Those of you who took the time caught a glimpse of the outsiders, sitting there comfortable with his familiars Mayor Moncrief and the Fort Worth City Council and his most loyal familiar of all the TCEQ. This time the outsiders could be named, Walter Duease,
point man for XTO and Ed Ireland of the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council (BSEEC).

The industry has robbed all of Fort Worth and pressed it beneath its domination. While you, battered and beaten, do nothing, but lie idle accepting your fate. When that seed of the ill begotten union comes to fruition you'll see that it's rotten and poisonous that it doesn't contain life, but death.

Fort Worth doesn't need a hero, they'll only be betrayed and stabbed in the back. Fort Worth, you've been given the power to choose the government under which you live. I triple dog dare you to participate in the free elections and vote. Or are you just going to allow Industry's lackeys, Mayor Moncrief and the Fort Worth City Council to stab you and your children in the back?

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