Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doing The Hills With Durango, The Youngs and Many Others

I received an invitation from Mr. Don Young to attend the Wild Women and Manly Men hike at the Tandy Hills. Anyone could have attended, in fact I believe that Mr. Durango blogged about it and made it a well publicized event. The kids and I had two weeks off for the Christmas Holidays and by the beginning of week two Annie had this to say, "I just want to go somewhere and do something fun." I responded, "How far are you willing to drive and what kind of fun."

The invitation from Mr. Young made sense. A little driving and sight seeing, a little hiking and running around was what Annie and I needed and boy did we ever get it!

Not only did we get to meet Mr. Young and his lovely wife Debra, but we met a whole host of other people. I only have one picture from the event it's of Olive the Prairie Dog, Kimberly Clark and Ariel posing with Annie. I forgot to charge the camera, thus no other pictures could be taken.

Annie and I got a special treat, we got to hang out with Mr. Durango. Did I tell ya I find physical fit white haired men irresistible? Mr. Durango is such a wonderful tour guide. We got to see all sorts of sites and also saw things that weren't so wonderful such as some of the damage done by the oil and gas drillers. I don't understand the treatment the Trinity River gets. Why if we had such a nice river in Wink, I don't think we'd treat it so badly. Well, I'd hope we wouldn't.

Annie and I liked our visit to Ft Worth so much so, that we plan on visiting again.

Below is a YouTube video put together by Mr. Marshall, a wonderful Tandy Hills supporter, of the Manly Men & Wild Women hike.


Don Young said...

If the Queen decides to move her Queendom to FW there are a couple of castles for sale on View St., with Tandy Hills as a front yard. Just food for thought. Debora and I would love to have you as neighbors. Right now only 2 of the 5 houses on our block are occupied. Plus, Mr. Durango is often seen prowling the hills.

TXsharon said...

It looks like a lot of fun! I'll do it next year if it's not too cold.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Gahhhhh, I should have gone!!! Eh, oh well. I'm glad you guys had fun. So, on the the REAL subject here, white-hair, eh? Mine is already turning that way! I found (so far) 6 white hairs!!! NOOOO!!! Or YESSSS!!! Depends. I'm not gonna lie, I have an affinity for salt-n-pepper. I think it's so classy. So should I be expecting next year's Christmas card to be coming from Dango + CTsquared? O_O Hahahaha.

Oh, and you KNOW that if Wink had a "nice" river (the Trinity is NOT nice--the Rio Grande and Red Rivers in northern NM are truly nice) then O&G would have most certainly already exploited it. Ha!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

That's interesting you say that...Annie and I were looking at all the houses for sale in the area. I think it would be heaven having the Tandy Hills that close! Oh, you just had to throw in the Durango...didn't ya?

It was BEAUTIFUL weather! A great change from all the wind and cold we'd had in Wink. It was quite strenuous at times, I had no idea the Hills were so beautiful.

Yes...I concur, that Salt n Pepper look has always been my thing! I'll be sporting my age here a bit, but Blake from Dynasty?

In case you're too young to know...I provided a link. ;)

I'm not sure if I can handle the very cold Skinny Santa Dipping like Durango, you know...that's the only way he'll take Christmas pictures.