Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anderson Cooper, One Sexy News Guy

I've been a huge fan of Anderson Cooper before he became a part of the CNN news team. I used to watch him weekly on a TV reality game show titled The Mole. That was an interesting game. Contestants were brought together, one of which was the mole, who was suppose to sabotage the smaller games within the bigger game. All throughout the season there would be clues as to the identity of the mole. After each episode, each contestant had to answer questions based on who they thought the mole was. The contestant who answered the least amount of questions correctly was removed from the game. I truly enjoyed that show, because I'm also a huge fan of playing CLUE. I love mysteries.

Back to Anderson Cooper, I think I find him sexy because of his grey hair. I'm attracted to grey hair which most of the time belongs to older men. Yes, I would say I prefer older men, not that I've ever had the courage to date someone let's say...10 years older me, but I suppose there could always be a first time. I'm remembering the largest span of age between me and a man that I was dating to be about 7 years. Another, older man that I find extremely sexy is Sam Elliott. I think I better stop fantasizing and go back to work.

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