Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Morning Rapping Sounds

I woke this morning earlier than usual to a rapping sound...thank goodness it wasn't a raven, I shall retain my sanity yet for one more day. The rapping sound revealed a young man outside my door, inquiring if my son was ready. My son, up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning? As I walked down the hallway towards his room, surprisingly I saw his light on and he scrambling to don clothes. It seems that my son has agreed to participate in a 7 on 7 benefit in Andrews, Texas. This benefit as I found out, is to help raise money for a young lady fighting cancer.

It's rather cool this morning, only about 72 degrees, which should make for a lovely day of playing 7 on 7 football. Hopefully last night's rain will not carry over into today and this outdoor benefit will get a chance to bring in needed funds. I also just received a call from a man inquiring if his wife was at my house. His wife? I don't think so, but I went outside to make sure she wasn't sitting in my driveway, nope...she's not.

My Grandma Ann, from what I've been told, is arriving today from
Mississippi. Grandma Ann is a true Southern woman. In fact, everything I know about being gentile comes from her. When my grandpa was living, she doted on him with such tenderness. Always rising early to make his morning coffee and breakfast. He in turn was a bit sweet on her, singing her country love ballads and planting her favorite flowers. Thinking of the two of them always puts a smile on my face, but also tugs at my heartstrings. The music composed from the sweet repose of that lovely couple can not be compared to any other. To say that I'm looking forward to her visit is an understatement.

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