Friday, July 10, 2009

What's that Clicking Sound I Hear?

I always get a little leery of posting about anything political. My beliefs are all over the place and sometimes change according to what's going on. I find that a person's ideology is shaped by their environment, their parent's beliefs and the local indoctrination of the whatever school or higher education they attended. So, I don't get upset with people if their political beliefs differ from mine, they're the product of their environment...very few people actually do the research and "know" why they believe what they believe.

My brother and I talk to each other every day. He lives in LA and he's 5 years younger than me. When my brother was 19, he ran away from home (my mommy to this day calls it that) and came to live with me in New Orleans, LA. When I moved to Denver, little brother stayed.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, my brother wasn't interested in anything political. He was skipping along happily just dealing with day to day life. You see, I also don't inflict my painful views onto to anyone, they have to inflict theirs first. Post Katrina, my brother started listening to talk radio, because that's the only place he could get any information. During his talk radio period, he discovered politics. It was quite funny listening to him get all riled up telling me things I had already known, but it's also a wonderful growing experience that I got to participate in.

So, now our daily talks will include some form of political discussion. It's been fun to mix in a little Texas Secession, Push Over Obama and the Dirty Deeds of Oil Companies. What I have noticed though, that whenever me and lil' bro start talking about phone begins to click.

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