Thursday, July 23, 2009

Post Katrina Creates a Whole New Meaning of Making the Bed

I was speaking with my cousin and his wife last night on the phone. They live in Lutcher, LA. I'll be meeting them in August for a hair band reunion over in Dallas. I haven't seen my cousin since Katrina. It's funny how most people are measuring time now with Katrina.

I lived on the coast for the majority of my childhood, moved away in the late 80's then returned in the early 90's. I experienced a few minor hurricanes, some flooding and a whole bunch of Mardi Gras, but...I've never seen the type of devastation that Katrina left.

There's been a lot of progress cleaning up in Louisiana, but not as much in Mississippi. I guess I'm waiting for things to get completely back to normal before I head down there.

My cousin shared the cutest anecdote with me about how Katrina had affected he and his wife. His home, being north of Baton Rouge withstood the storm, but the relatives on the West Bank and in the Garden District didn't do swell. He and his wife welcomed them with open arms. He had his grandma, mom & dad, his sister and their kids and a few other people packed into their home.

Only his wife was able to return to work straight away, all the rest were stuck in doors all day. Considering the days turned into weeks, some husbandly duties were being woefully neglected. He said they'd never been that big on making the bed, always left it a mess. One day, his wife came home from work, she stomped in and demanded why he hadn't made the bed today.

He sat in wonderment as his lovely wife read him the riot act over not making the bed. He was a bit uncomfortable, all the family looking on, and couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong. He thought that with a house full of people the stress must have surely gotten to her, so when she insisted on him aiding her in the process of bed making, he politely obliged.

He walked into the bedroom, and behind him he heard the door shut and then lock. He spun around to find his wife half undressed saying, "Now, let's make the bed!"

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