Monday, July 20, 2009

Unsettling Fascism in FT Worth

Lately I've been hearing about the troubles of Ft Worth. I hadn't paid much attention, I was thinking the complaints were just the ramblings of some intellectual hot body that had nothing better to do with his time. Since I adore mysteries and hot bodies, I decided to read a bit more about the woes of Ft Worth. It seems that only 6% of the total voting population showed up to cast their vote and do something about the current ruling party. I posed a question to Mr. Durango of either fear or apathy? I have yet to receive an answer.

About 22 years ago a family of four moved from the very backward deep South to Wink, Texas. Upon their tiresome arrival, greeted by twiney tumble weeds and swirling sand storms, they settled and tried to become a part of this itty bitty West Texas town. The oldest child was poked fun of because of her Southern drawl and for the fact that she didn't listen to country music. She was almost lynched one day when asked of George Strait elicited her sheepish reply, "George who?"

Things were rolling along quite well for that obtuse family of four. Apparently, according to the town fathers, they weren't the sharpest crayons in the box, but the mommy and the daddy did know that marking official ballots in pencil was a big no no. A big stink was made and the umbrage began. That newest family of four became the biggest pains in the butt for that itty bitty West Texas town. The mommy got herself on some sort of official precinct board, rules were enforced and that became a catalyst for a whole new way of doing things.

Instead of the school board demanding the teachers vote a certain way, the teachers now could vote anyway they wanted. Instead of distinguished members of town carrying the ballot box home and returning it the next day with votes accounted for, the counting was done at the polling place under the supervision of several officials, oh yeah, and now the little paper ballots are no more, punch cards have taken their place.

It may have been unpleasant for that little family of four, they got their fair share of threats and dirty looks, but in the end justice prevailed. That little family of four stood alone in the beginning, but over time people joined the rank and file. They were tired of being denied their rights, of being overcharged for water, of being fined for some ridiculous city ordinance when their opinion was in direct opposition to the town fathers.

Take heart Ft Worth and heed the old man's ramblings. He seems to know what he's talking about.

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