Friday, July 17, 2009

Do you know why most of us love Friday? I'm not going to say ALL of us, because then that would just be making an awful assumption. I'm thinking it's because Friday is named for the Norse goddess Frigg. Frigg was beautiful and kind, wife of the most powerful god, Odin, her job was to oversee love and marriage. And...did you know that 'frig' is a modern coarse euphemism for 'sex'? Friday is just full of goodness.

All kinds of good things happened to me today, on this day of Frigg. First of all, we had a luncheon at my place of employment, West Texas State School. A lady from North Canyon University came to speak with us teachers about furthering our education completely on line. Now, that's cool beans. The university offers a maters in something I've been wanting to do, Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in technology. Maybe then I can learn how to make a real web page and not pretend like I do when I'm using a Face Book application.

The other really cool part about the master's program, is that the school that employs me will pay for the education. I also found out today, that since I have taught five years now for low income schools, I qualify for partial loan forgiveness.

When I got home today, I was contacted by a really sweet lady, whom I sometimes tutor in regards to using Adobe Creative Suite. I really have never used the program, but for some reason I can just get into something and get it figured out. I'm persistent. Some people find that scary, but others like it. She upgraded from CS2 to CS4. The newspaper uses CS2 and couldn't read the new CS4 files. What a dilemma! I tried talking to my sweet little lady on the phone, about what she could do, but at that point she was so frustrated and full of anxiety that I just had to go over and help her, so I did.

Before going over there, I received a visitor. I guess around town, I've got a reputation for being an animal lover (or maybe I'm just a sucker). A high schooler brought me a baby hawk that he found while cutting grass. I took the toddler in, put it in a box and proceeded to surf the net to find some information on how to take care of the little baby. The information I found most helpful was this:

"If you find a hawk or owl that is on the ground, do not assume that it needs help. If it is standing, alert, and has some feathers, the parents are probably nearby. It may also be learning to hunt by catching ground insects. If it hasn't moved by the next day, then something may be wrong."

I called the high schooler that brought me the hawk and inquired as to where he found it. He informed me that the not so nice lady that he was cutting grass for, made him remove the bird, because she didn't want hawks hanging out on her property. All the information I had read so far, indicated that we should put the bird back, but since the lady wouldn't allow it, I wasn't sure what to do. The continued reading revealed you had to know the species and be very careful. I did the only thing I an expert. So, now the baby hawk is in the most capable hands of an ex park ranger and being very well taken care of.

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