Friday, July 17, 2009

HCG Diet Update and Weight Eradication in Wink Texas

Normally I would do the diet update on Thursday, but I experienced some setbacks this week, which goes to show ya, don't get too comfortable or take anything for granted.

I've done less weighing as I'm in the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet. Which means I'm no longer taking HCG and have bumped up my caloric intake to 800 calories per day. The eating seems pretty much under control. I don't crave carbohydrates, except for an apple and I haven't found it necessary to pig out on anything. The 800 calorie per day hasn't interfered with my hypoglycemia, although I did experience a temporary setback, but it had nothing to do with diet. The setback had more to do with my inability to manage my time wisely.

My hypoglycemia is not related to diabetes, but is reactive. It usually happens within four hours after eating, which happened to be the case on Wednesday. I normally don't eat lunch at school, just snack on an apple. Well, we were TAKS testing and I ate a lunch tray with the boys. Fried chicken and coleslaw were the two items I sampled. I removed the skin from the chicken, but I suppose it wasn't enough. I shouldn't have had the fried chicken, but I did and I paid for it. By the time I was able to eat again around 7PM, the symptoms had already set in. After a crash, I become very tired and unresponsive. That evening instead of running I just went to bed.

I started running a mile at the outdoor track Saturday night. It was very difficult and I had to push myself to finish it. The soreness I experienced gave me a realization that no matter how many miles I do in the will never compare to real running. I've done a total of four miles so far for the week, and my legs haven't stopped hurting yet.

I tried on my fours again this week. I can zip them up, but I think they're still too tight to wear in public without being considered a skank of some sort. So, I must really say that now I'm a size six. One of my friends says that he admires women who wear their clothes too small to create the "muffin top" look. I can't say that I do, and refuse to join the club.

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