Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wink Woman Working With Weights

Thursday is usually diet update, but since I didn't get around to working out last week due to an over abundance of stress and a lot of procrastination; I've decided to post about it tonight. The stars are in alignment and I have this week off from work. I had already upped my workouts to 2 a days, but since I have this extra time and since I failed to attend one single work out session last week, I decided to go to 3 a days...just for this week!

I'm in the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet, which means I've upped the caloric intake to 800 calories per day. I'm eating things like boneless skinless grilled chicken breasts, steamed veggies (corn & peas don't count) and apples. Apples are my choice of fruit, they're cleansing and have the least amount of natural sugar. I've eaten so many apples that now I crave them!

I have three sessions a day this week. The early AM session I work my inner and outer thighs. Leg presses, lunges with ankle weights, stair stepper, birthing chair and squats. The afternoon session I concentrate on cardio and my abs. I do standing crunches, lying down crunches, side abdominal pulls, 40 minutes on the elliptical trainer, and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. The evening session I focus on my arms. I warm up with 20 minutes on the cross country setting on the stationary bike, then move to doing all my weight exercises for my arms. My trainer (Jesse) commented last night that he noticed an improvement in the definition of my arms and my wings. The wings are the latissimus dorsi muscles of the back.

I blogged earlier that I started this year as a size 10. That's not too bad, but being that I'm only 5'3" I should carry less weight. So, just a couple of weeks ago I purchased a size six jeans. They were snug, but I didn't have to struggle to get them on. Friday, I wore the sixes and they're baggy. For grins, I kept a size 4 capris around not ever really thinking I'd ever wear them, but keeping a small glimmer of hope tucked away in the back of my mind. Saturday, I wore the size 4's with no problems. :)

A few interested friends have asked if I'm attempting to go smaller. I'm not sure. My biggest concern was when I was out looking for jeans, checking in Walmart and Target, the smallest size that either store carried was a four. Where would I find a 2 or even a 0? Would I have to have clothes custom made? I've never been a big spender on my clothes, always been kinda thrifty. So, for now...I'm just working on maintaining my current physical state and having a blast!

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