Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Telemarketing Woes in Wink Texas

I've made plenty o mistakes before, but this one has to be the most irritating I've made in quite some time. I've been looking into starting a home business to generate extra cash flow. I'm getting kinda old and I've been wanting to do a few things, so I thought why not a home business. I began looking around on the Internet, did some reading and then finally requested more information from a company I think is called Equity?

Since then I've received 5 phone calls from the buggers. The first call I was extremely polite, well because I requested information. I listened to the pitch...for about 15 minutes. At first it sounded pretty good, until they wanted $300 to start and a $19 per month membership fee. I told the young man that I'd have to think about it, and get back to him in about two weeks. He kept on, asking me what's holding me back from just signing up today. I was honest, felt like $300 was an awful large amount for me to put up, that for that kind of money I was going to have to do a bit more research. He FINALLY allowed me to hang up.

About a day later, another gentleman from the SAME company called and was going through the pitch again! I interrupted, related that I'd already heard the pitch. Of course, he didn't believe me (good thing I have an excellent memory) so I regurgitated a good portion of it back to him and he was convinced. I told him that I had requested a couple of weeks to think about it.

Third call came from a lady, with a bulbous bouffant. She wore galoshes and gleans in a gazebo. Not really, but at this point this company was starting to get under my skin. I explained to the lady, that I wasn't interested...that I had consulted with my master guru and he informed me it was a bad deal.

Fourth call came from another lady. This time, I politely explained I wasn't remotely interested in the product and to PLEASE take me off their calling list. She then retorted, "Well, wouldn't you like to make extra money?" I needed to respond to this hard working woman in a way that clearly showed her I wasn't interested and that maybe I was a bit of a crackpot. So, I slyly replied, "Well, what's the point with making extra money when the American dollar is going to be valueless anyway?" She was a bit confused, "WHAT?" So, I repeated myself and added, "Why, yes...I'd need wheelbarrows full of money to survive, so I'm thinking I'm just gonna start raising chickens and growing my own veggies as supplemental income." She hung up on me.

I truly thought I was done...until they sicked the big dog on me. Fifth guy called me yesterday. He was sent to work me down. His approach was to flirt. He made a huge mistake, because if I have any ability...it's definitely a PhD in Flirtation. He didn't stand a chance. He asked me what would it take for me to sign up and be a part of the "business". "Oh," I pondered aloud, "If you were really cute, lived just up the street and would talk tech savvy to me until the wee hours of the night...I might just consider it." Very long pause...giggle from me. He continued, by asking me what's my occupation. I responded that I teach bad boys in the prison the finer points of classic literature. He inquired about the books we read, I discussed a few with him. The exchange continued for quite sometime, I'll say about 5 minutes. Finally, he said, "You sound very lovely and I wished I lived in Wink...I'd take you out for a cheese burger." I replied, "You can have the cheese burger...I'll just have a salad."


Durango said...

Yikes! I'm shocked you failed to see the value of mailing them $300 and $19 a month forever thereafter.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I know...what's wrong with me, huh?

fstclass said...

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