Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taking if from the Gym to the Track in Wink Texas.

OOOO-RAAAH! If I were a marine that's what I would of said tonight. I decided since the gym was closed and I couldn't do a work out to take the running and stepping I've been doing in the gym to the track. A couple of weeks ago I decided in my mind that I'd like to do a marathon. Of course, it would be a short one, like a 5K and of course it would be somewhere with pretty landscape.

With that said, I determined to try running (more like jogging) a mile tonight on the track at the school. I started off pretty good, nice straight form, arms close to the sides, wide stride, steady breathing and lots of focus. My legs ached a little bit because of the strenuous work out the day before and my chest burned slightly. Running on a treadmill differs greatly from running on a track, I'm not sure why, but it does.

I completed the mile run in about 14 minutes. I know, not great, but's a start! I felt really really really good. I mean really good. (that's for my boy toy ;)

Since that went pretty well, I've decided to wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier in the mornings to include a brisk run before work. Durango does skinny dipping in his pool before work, but I don't have a pool. I doubt I'd skinny run, even though Durango has tried skinny hiking.

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