Friday, July 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping on the Last Official Day of My Vacation in Wink, Texas

Yes, it's officially the last day of my vacation before I head back to work for another 4 weeks. I didn't do much on my week off, I had already taken the kids on a mini vacation back in June. The ex hubby came down to visit for the 4th of July and that turned out to be a rather enjoyable weekend. The hightlights of the week were spent working out at the gym, talking to friends on the phone, going to breakfast with Wendy, a little scrap booking, playing video games with my daughter, playing lawn darts with both kids (which I've become the supreme champion), meeting the new (well, I knew him from high school) elementary principal, putting puzzles together, getting life insurance, killing a scorpion in my son's room, sleeping in late, staying up even later, watching Valkerie, and to finish the week I went grocery shopping.

I remember when I lived in Denver and was working for Healthcor. Healthcor was a durable medical equipment company and it's headquarters was located out near Houston. The Denver branch did business in a dusty old warehouse, while the Houston offices sported plush carpeting, marble counter tops, air conditioning and a host of other luxuries. One of the ladies visiting me from Houston commented on how the Colorado women didn't care much about their appearance, that they'd go out in public without their hair done and makeup on. She mentioned it to me because she knew I had lived in Houston at one time in my life. She also said, that a Texas Lady wouldn't be caught outside without her face on.

Since I was going out to the grocery store today, I figured I'd better put my face on and fix my hair. If you could hear me say that out'd get all tickled pink. While at the grocery store I got the usual; fruit, veggies, bread...that sorta thing. I also noticed a wide selection of men at the store today. I was glad I had my face on and my hair fixed.

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