Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding A Balance and Protecting My Plan in Wink, Texas

You ever have one of those days where felt it like the road would never end? That you wish you could just get there? Boy, I sure have! TAKS testing, aversions, toxic remarks, lunchroom brawl, flying desks...zowie, and to top it off, it was a scorcher, 115 degrees.

Finding a healthy balance for anything you do from dieting to dating is a smart idea. Have you ever tried juggling? I did. The very first time, it was chaos! Imagine that these balls are your commitments and goals. With practice and a few amount of balls to juggle they'll glide effortlessly in the air. BUT with too many balls and not enough practice, they'll be dropped and in some cases lost forever.

You have to prioritize. I know, you've heard that buzz word too many times, but you gotta know what's important to you, or what's the point? You'll just go along aimlessly, feeling the same old sad miserable feelings and then twenty years later...wonder why you've never accomplished anything, met anyone or did anything.

I'll give you some handy dandy tips on figuring out how to prioritize. Until next time...Big Hug...Tee Hee :)

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