Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Only Takes a Spark to Get a Fire Going

Just a couple more weeks until the boys of summer are out of school. I've enjoyed summer school, and moreover I've sensed that the boys are loving it as well. Sure, there are a few resistant souls and as my boss says, "They're stuck on stupid".

We're still reading Ghost Rider by Neil Peart, the drummer from Rush, but we took a break to TAKS test and credit exam. The education program received glowing reports from Austin today in a management meeting with TYC. There's some resistance to the boys experiencing success, but I can tell you from observing...this whole learning thing; it's catching on.

Some of the boys stand a little taller, shoulders back and a strut to their stride. It's not because of winning a pissing contest, but it's from having accomplished something worthwhile. As these new graduates walk the halls, with that spark in their eye, others are seeing it and catching on fire. That fire smoulders against tarnished dreams and years of apathy and unrest, but slowly the fire is fanned and the red embers glow...soon these sparks spring into an eternal flame.

One by one the boys enter the chambers of education, and ask sheepishly, "What do I need to do?" We smile and with a gleam in our eyes...impart that knowledge fully.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the fire kindled and the flame becoming greater and more insatiable, give one cold chills. At least we know we are doing more than passing out packets, reading the paper and saying "who cares, they are lost anyway."

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I concur, I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that our 9 that tested have passed. Having a graduation party for these boys will boost school morale and send a clear stark message to Austin that our educational program works.