Thursday, August 13, 2009

Charles Allen Bradly Jr Finally Pays Restitution

Annie and I were supposed to attend to swimming at the indoor pool at 2PM, but there was a tiny rap at the front door. I went to inquire as to who it may be, and I was greeted with, "Hi, Miss Joely, it's me, Joey and Daelyn." My daughter promptly came to the door and was invited by the three to go bike riding. She looked at me with her big hazel eyes and asked if it would be okay to fore go swimming in exchange for a bike ride with her friends. Of course, I said yes.

Something else that pleased me today was receiving an official document from Denver, Colorado. At first I couldn't figure out why I was receiving a check from Denver, Colorado for twenty dollars. I hadn't lived in Denver since 2001, then I saw the words "restitution" on the light bulb of forgotten memory turned on and it all came back shining brightly.

In late 1997, I had just moved out of my lovely rental home in Golden, Colorado and moved into a not so desirable neighborhood North of Denver. The move was to help my finances greatly as I was renting the house in Golden for $975 per month and the apartment with utilities included was $475 per month. I wasn't excited about giving up the yard, dogs and playhouse, but I was working three jobs and I was just getting really worn out.

I had only been moved in for a few nights, when in the morning on my way to jump in my vehicle to drop Justin off at preschool and then head on my way to work, I noticed I couldn't find my van. It had been stolen or maybe someone borrowed it without my knowledge. I contacted my work first (well, they're the ones who were expecting me) then I notified the police. After that was taken care of, I then called work again. I really couldn't afford to take off, so one of the very sweet marketing reps volunteered to pick me up, drop Justin off at school and then take me to get a rental car.

A week or so passed, the insurance I had at the time allowed for a 30 day rental in the event of something like this taking place. One day at work, I was contacted by the police department with notification that my vehicle had been located and I needed to come to the impound station. Upon arrival, I realized I wouldn't be driving that van ever again. The thief was apprehended, but only after a high speed police chase with him rolling the Dodge Mini Van. The van was completely totalled.

I'm not sure how I ended up $4000 dollars upside in this vehicle, I purchased it used in 1995, but in 1997 the bank said I still owed $4000 more after the insurance company sent them a check for $7000. No vehicle and still paying a car payment, I was feeling quite down. No matter, I filled out all the paperwork for victim's assistance, attended the trial and was awarded by the court to be paid $12,000 in restitution. So, here I am...twelve years later receiving twenty dollars in restitution.

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