Monday, August 10, 2009

Running the Dogs at the Caliche Pit

Annie and I rounded up Brutus the flying dingo, Shelbi the munchkin and Lucy the Beatles' legacy and herded them off to the caliche pit today for a brisk, but HOTT jaunt. One of my Face Book friends inquired as to what a caliche pit was and Alma, whom Durango refers to as the Song Bird, correctly answered that it is a type of gravel indigenous to the area, white and chalky. I probably confused Durango because I spelled caliche, cliche, like we say it out here instead of how it's supposed to be spelled. This is also where I take the kids to shoot fireworks on New Year's Eve. We take the dogs to the caliche pit about twice a month, we let them off their leashes and they get all primal, sniffing and tracking down jack rabbits. Once Annie and I found a javelina skull, that was pretty cool. We no longer have it because we shipped it off to her cousin in Colorado. Out by the pit is the Winkler County Airport, it's only big enough for crop dusters and little twin engines. My daddy used to take flying lessons at the airport, but

I don't think he ever logged enough hours to fly on his own. Mommy thought it would be a good idea for him to learn so that one day they could purchase a small plane and jet down to Mississippi when ever they wanted to.

By the time I walk the rim, the dogs have ran themselves silly and are usually lying in anticipation under the truck. In the backs of their sweet little minds, they know that as soon as we leave, we're heading to Allsups for their chicken treat. I started purchasing the chicken treat to train them to head back to the truck when it was time to leave.

Being rather hot today, the dogs were a bit lethargic and headed back to the truck way earlier than usual. This is only the munchkin's 3rd trip to the pit, but she did rather well, leaping and hopping over rocks and such. Lucy the Beatle, showed her true passive aggressive nature today as she refused to leave the comfort of the house until she was iced down.

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