Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simon Management and a Retiree

I logged into Face Book this morning and looked around on my home feed...that's when I saw this comment by a dear friend down in New Orleans:

"A friend was laid off yesterday after 22 years of service and 6 months until retirement. A whopping two-week severance package awaits him."

Being the nosy busy body that I am, I continued to read the feed posted by his Louisiana friends and was shocked by the scandalous dealings of a management group properly known as Simon. Seems that they took over the management of a mall on West Esplanade, I'm thinking if memory serves correct that would be the Esplanade Mall, but it's been years since I've graced the area.

Then my friend continued with a little more of the story:

"The management group recently took over control within the last few years. So technically, they only owe him what he got. But when you buy the company and get skilled, experienced employees that keep your profits rolling in, you have an obligation (IMO) to own the experience they give to you daily. Example: Post Katrina - Oschner Hospital bought ... Read Moreall the Tenet Healthcare facilities, hired employees that wanted to come over and gave them tenure based on previous experience with the prior management. At least somebody gets it.

Then one of his friends thought she read just recently that this same shopping mall received Eleven million dollars in hurricane bond funds. According to the article, a brand new movie theatre is slated for construction which would be a really nice way to pay back the community. I mean, why should this management group worry about one little guy, after 22 years of service, when they can build a brand new pretty movie theatre?

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