Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TYC Turmoil and Top Teachers

I'm going to do something that I wouldn't normally do and that's to name names. The names I'm about to drop on here are of people that I've come to know over the course of a year. The year revealed that these people are caring, supportive and a lot of fun to work with. The reason I'm blogging this is because one year from today...Pyote High School will be no more and the staff of Pyote High School will no longer be together.

Debra Cummings is our BCIS and Social Studies teacher. She also pre-tests the boys for GED and does their TABE testing as well. She's short like me, smiles a lot and has a very cheery disposition. Anytime you need help or want a cheesecake baked...she's your gal. She's also rather emotional, and I know if she's reading this right now...she's probably tearing up a bit.

Gene Poole (no kidding) is our science teacher. He's also in charge of physical education and the fitness test. He's been around in education for YEARS! He's got a Tom Selleck mustache, banana boat tan, and loves hula girls. Gene tells it like it is, but will always put a smile on your face.

Leroy Rivera was a former boxer. I couldn't believe that he was my dad's age of almost 60, because he's lean and quite buff. He tells me it's because he married a woman about 10 years younger than him, always keeps him on his toes. Leroy is a big fellow, but soft spoken and has a gentle nature about him. He was the social studies teacher, but switched gears and is now teaching math.

I've blogged before about our secretary, Wendy Medina. This was her first year as a school secretary and she's great at it. She keeps the office well stocked with candy, coffee and teaching supplies. She's also the lady I car pool with daily. Her daughter and my son have been best friends since 2nd grade, I can't imagine leaving them behind.

Well, that leaves our principal, Mr. Hennigan. In grade school I had trouble with which principle (pal) to use. A teacher told me that you can remember it this way: Your school principal is your PAL. I've never forgotten. Mr. Hennigan says that he is the poster boy for the smiley face, he doesn't like to be mean, but sometimes he'll do what he has to do. He's the nicest boss I've ever had and also very patient. He's quite diverse as a person, as well. Rides a Harley, has a ranch in London, loves decorating for Halloween, enjoys hard rock music and Starbuck's coffee (that right there is good enough for me).

If the Wrecking Crew of Brown and Brown have their way, I could be telling this group of people, who've become a second family, goodbye as soon as December. I'm not sure where we'll all end up, but for now...I'm glad we're together.

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