Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Price Change Per Serving...Lays Limon Chips

I had a wonderful run last night, the air was cool, the moon a slight orange hung brightly in the night sky and shone down illuminating the track. My daughter and her dog Lucy (named for the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds) accompanied me to the track like they do on most evenings. As I was running I kept hearing a bumping sound in the stands on the visitors' side. I'd always look over, but never saw anything. After finishing the two miles, the three of us were walking a cool down lap before leaving the track. As we traversed, I peered into the bleachers on the visitors side and saw what I thought to be a grey cat. I adore grey cats. Sparky, our Russian Blue died mysteriously this year and we've missed him terribly. We approached the said cat, but to our amazement found out it was a grey fox! The little grey fox scampered away. The night before I witnessed a skunk nosing around the edge of the fence line, and now this little fox. I'm sharing my nightly run with some interesting fellows.

After the run, we always stop at Allsups. I get Annie a bag of Lay's Limon chips. Those are her favorite and she confesses that she's quite addicted to them. This night was no different, we stopped at Allsups. I usually pay $1.29 for a small bag of the Limon chips. Just the other day, Annie asked me how many servings were in the bag, we took a look and there were three. So, that means we're paying about $.43 per serving. Tonight when I grabbed a bag, it didn't feel the same. I looked at the bag of Limon chips, put that one down, picked up another, but it felt lighter as well. I looked at the price...$.99. Hmm...then I looked at the serving size...ONE serving! Before, I was paying $.43 per serving and now I'm paying $.99 per serving!

My credit card interest rate increases without warning and now the price I pay per serving for Limon chips increases without warning...what next?


Durango said...

Take this as a teaching moment. As in eating potato chips is not a good lifelong thing to be doing. Tasty as they are.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You're absolutely correct.

Gar said...

From an irritatingly correct point of view, you must also look at the serving size. Depending on the product, and the product container, vendors are allowed to change the number of chips, ounces, etc. in a serving.

As in, the old bag could have been 24 oz with 8 oz per serving and the new bag could have been a 12 oz bag. Still getting more money out of you, but not quite as bad.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You're right! I just looked, the bigger bag for $1.29, the serving size is 1 ounce. The smaller bag for $.99, the serving size is 1 7/8 ounce. Gar, you made me feel better! I'm not getting ripped off as bad as I thought I was. Since I'm not very good at math, I may not be paying more after all! This has slightly elevated my mood towards the positive end of the scale! Thank you :)