Saturday, August 29, 2009

UTPB Testing and Turning Time

I won't do the diet update until later this evening. Right now, I'm relaxing surreptitiously in the Dunagan Library on the UTPB campus pretending to study for the next exam, but in reality I'm reading and blogging. I don't think the librarian is aware of my clandestine activities and hopefully he won't be made aware anytime soon.

I haven't been in the Dunagan Library in quite some time, since 2004, but I adore this place. It's enormous (in my opinion) for a small university library and it contains a wealth of primary sources. I remember in my Colonial history class, I was required to analyze an early colonial newspaper and write an essay pointing out how relevant the articles were to that time period...the period right before the American Revolution. My assigned colony of Massachusetts brought great offerings in the microfiche room and I spent hours gleaning paper after paper, I finally came across an article on pissing in the wind. It was quite humorous.

I completed the ESL certification test in about an hour. After leaving the room, I pondered for a moment about what I'd done. Seventy questions, less than a minute on each question...I'd be pretty upset with the boys at West Texas State School had they turned in their test so quickly. These tests though, although centered on a specific content, are focused on the current buzz words. If you know the current train of thought that's prevalent throughout all the training (uh, oh...the librarian has come to check out my clandestine actions) courses and running through the new curriculum, then you shouldn't have a problem passing these certification tests. Right now the educational buzz words are: Facilitator, Co-operative learning, heterogeneous grouping, cultural diversity, group discussions, brainstorming, semantic mapping, guided, if you can at least narrow it down to two choices out of four, then look for a buzz word, then have the answer!

I've decided I should probably look for the history of print media, I think it's something I need to know for the next test and besides, the librarian is looking at me over his glasses...I'm feeling a bit peculiar.

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