Friday, August 7, 2009

HCG Diet Update Maintenance Phase

I know I've skewed the results a bit from my diet because I've started running daily and I have a regular weight lifting routine that I attend to at least 4 times a week. A regular exercise program or daily activity has always been my bane. I usually did very well in the beginning, staying with it for a few months, but then I'd lose interest and the program would fade away like billowing smoke. I've maintained the program this time around now for 8 months. I think I've been successful in part due to the HCG Diet and that also for the reason of having a workout buddy. Having support is vital to anything you're trying to accomplish.

I keep noticing that people are searching for information on the HCG Diet. The best article is the one that Dr. Simeons wrote, and well it should be because he's the one that created the diet. I recommend reading the good doctor's article because there's more in it than just the diet. The psychology behind creating the HCG diet is very interesting. One part of the article addresses unresolved sexual stimulation. I found this very interesting because the antidote would be uninhibited sex. I've yet to try that cure.

I wouldn't suggest ordering the diet off the internet unless you're doing a follow up and you know what you're doing. First timers should initially go to a clinic and get the starter kit, which includes, in my case, a food scale (which by the way, I never used) list of foods and serving size, an intial weigh in and all the doses of HCG that's required. My doctor didn't require weekly weigh ins or an initial blood work up.

I've said before that the diet works as well as the dieter. Dr. Anna told me that women will come into the clinic after being on the diet for a week and report they haven't lost any weight. The first week is usually the week where one would see a huge decrease in weight, in some cases like 7 - 10 pounds. That's a lot...that's usually a whole dress size. I don't think the women realize when she looks at their food journal that they've gone over the daily food allowance in some cases by 1000 calories. 500 calories of food isn't very much and the foods on the list are the only foods you can
have. I've talked with a few of the women while waiting in the office to see my laser tech. One lady told me that she's only eating a salad twice a day, but still hasn't lost weight. So, I inquired, "What's in your salad?" Lettuce, tomatoes, cuccumbers, cheese, chopped ham, eggs, cottage cheese, bacon bits, crutons...and then ranch dressing. Salads aren't even on the diet. In fact, you're not supposed to mix your vegetables! AND if you have dressing, it's suppose to be a vinegarette!

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