Thursday, August 6, 2009 Wasn't Liberal Propaganda after all

A while back I blogged about 17 cows that were poisoned by drilling water over in Shreveport, LA. Well, I got several phone calls and a couple of emails from some of my friends about the matter. Some of them insisted that I have "fallen" for liberal propaganda, that they hadn't heard any such story. I went searching the net for the newspaper story, but it had already been archived and I would have had to pay for the story. I would have paid for the story, but I never activated my debit card and my Chase credit card was closed. I thought about that incident and wondered what the outcome had been. Truly, I was thinking about that last night and today...look, here are the results, straight from the Shreveport Times.

There were several things in the article that stood out:
1. ONLY 1% of the water was chemical.
2. HOURS passed before deciding to report it.
3. The owner of the cattle was COMPENSATED.

You know, I'm a bit exhausted with people choosing compensation over the truth. Instead, you know what I would of wanted? For Chesapeake to get the Hell out of Shreveport! There's a Chesapeake office over in Kermit, about 7 miles from my house, I'm thinking about staging a protest...anybody interested?

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