Thursday, April 23, 2009

HCG Diet Update --Weight Eradication

It's been one week since I started the HCG diet, and I have some wonderful news to report. This morning I stepped on the scale (drum roll) and it read: 138lbs. That's a whopping 7lbs lost!

The first two days weren't so bad, because those days I got to stack. I was supposed to eat high fat and high carbohydrate foods, and boy did I! It was fun eating without guilt...haven't had that much fun since pregnancy!

Days 3 - 5 were a bit difficult; it would be the first day I could only consume 500 calories from the limited food list. I stuck with skinless boneless chicken breast and broccoli. My snacks were apples.

Day 6 was the worst of all, due to the activity at school...I sorta stress ate. I didn't consume what wasn't on the list, but I think I ate double portions!

Finally, Day 7...I got back on track.

Overall, I haven't noticed any extra room in my cup good news there. I did notice a vertical line appearing down the middle of my abdominal section...does this mean I'm getting a six pack?!? The waddle under my arms appears to have diminished somewhat. There also seems to be more room between my thighs. Overall, I would say that week one has been very successful.

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