Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hope... New Again

It's Easter morning, when christians celebrate the resurection of Chirst. It symbolizes new life, purpose and hope. As I sit here waiting for the sunrise service, I'm reminded of my past and all the trials and choices I've made. Recently, I reconnected with a wonderful person from my past--a time before I mired my life- that helped me to see that even when things just haven't been good...that you can still hope. No matter how difficult things become...there's always hope.

Hope is such a small word, but big in connotation. It implies that no matter what has been said or has been transgressed, that things can become new again. I'm asking for someone to push past the walls that I've erected and help me tear them down. To understand that I've made mistakes and I will continue to make mistakes. To have faith in me as I learn how to love and trust again. To know that the future is ours to shape...please shape it with me.

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