Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diet Update...Week 2

Week 2 showed some loss of three. Present weight is now 135lbs and dropped a size...down to 8 (it's still a bit snug, but hey...i can zip them up now!).

The lesser amount this week has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the diet, it only shows the ineffectiveness of the dieter. It was difficult to only limit myself to what was on the list, and sometimes I snacked without thinking! At one point...I pulled a cracker out of my mouth during mid chew!

If anything, this diet has told me that I'm a bit weak and unable to stick to my guns on goals that I've set. I told myself..."Okay, back on track...tomorrow. It's only two more weeks." Sometimes that helps, but I've decided I need more substantial rewards.

I've always wanted to do a professional photo shoot. I posed for an aspiring photographer down in New Orleans years ago. It was fun, creative and esteem raising. I have a friend who's a more polished photographer and has made some very sensual suggestions for photos. I think I'd like to give it a try!

With the future shoot in mind...I've slipped on my boots and am ready to buckle down. Just two weeks to go...several more pounds to drop...

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