Sunday, April 12, 2009

Helpless Becomes Hopeless

If I see myself as a victim, someone or something must be to blame. Blame becomes my focus. This damages trust. If I learn to be helpless, I am likely to teach it to others. I drain others of their hope.

I focused on what I could control and what I have...I should have focused on what could be and kept my hope for the future. I am not powerless, infact, I am powerful enough to make a difference.

I'm adding empowering to my list of newly acquired beliefs. I will no longer be a victim of my past and blame others for my shortcomings. I do have choices and options. In the end, it is not what happens to me; it is how I respond that will become the story of my life.

I am changing the outcome. I am reaching out past my experiences with a new heart. I am crossing the road to the otherside and I am not looking back. I am leaving behind the wretched, abused and marred pieces of my life. I am journeying into the future and not living in the past. No matter what your eyes tell you of me, no matter what your ears have heard from me, no matter how uncertain I have been...whatever happens; this is not the end. My story is one of hope...not helplessness.

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