Sunday, April 19, 2009


Since one of my friends has been alarmed reading about my road to self-discovery...I've decided to change the subject and talk about this new diet that I'm starting.

Being pregnant was a wonderful experience for me! It gave me an excuse to eat as much as I wanted and to gain weight without all the guilt. So, I didn't mind gaining 80lbs in ten months! I thought the usual, "eating for two" "it's just baby weight" and "I have cravings".

After having both my children, I lost 50 pounds rather was always the last 30 lbs or so that gave me fits. Well, I've finally decided to get serious, and considering that I won't be having anymore children, I'll be dropping that last 30 lbs.

I've consulted with my physician and she has put me on the HCG diet. You take drops that encourages your body to use stored fat reserves. In fact, you don't eat breakfast! I love that part, because I don't eat breakfast. The hardest part I suppose is sticking with eating only 500 calories, but my doctor said, "You can do anything for a month." I just love her, she's Polish and has such a wonderful rugged accent. I see her once a week and we talk about my progress.

I'm starting the diet at 145lbs, size 10. Each week I'll post my current weight and what size I am. I'll let you know how I'm doing...the difficulty and what I find easy.

Gar, I hope this post was to your liking...:)


Gar said...

Could we get dimensions as well? :-b

The more weekly information we get the more informed and entertained we are likely to be.

Good luck on the diet. Don't forget to exercise. I always forget to exercise.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You are a true cad... 36D 24" waist 42" hips

As you can see...I'm bottom heavy :P

Gar said...

If I think about it long enough I might determine what a cad is.

I decided to Google it as part of my random wackiness.

I came up with "Computer Aided Design", "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" and "Coronary Artery Disease".

I decided to make some up, "Crazy Assed Dude" (don't call me Dude), "Creepy Addled Dork", and "Confusing Acquiescent Dip". I had to look up acquiescent.

They didn't sound right either.

Although we didn't specifically ask for a cup size, I'm glad you mentioned it. This will give us all kinds of entertaining information regarding the good and the bad of weight loss. Don't forget to update with dimensions or all book keeping will be for naught.

You have a tiny waist.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

need that in inches or centimeters?

Gar said...

Ah heck. Just post pictures :-b.