Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worry? Who me?

"We are headed for what we are thinking about. That's why we get what we are afraid of and not what we want."

That statement resonated today within my very being as I walked calmly towards a room full of criminally minded teenage boys. A riot had exploded on the other wing of the school...shanks, handcuffs, flying fists...and I was supposed to keep my dirty dozen under control, without means of weapons, pepper spray or even a baseball bat. Self states, "They'll listen to you, they know you have their best interest at heart. Big smile, walk calmly and can do this."

Hot head standing in the doorway of my room, head poked out, "I've got muscles...I can take 'em and show 'em!" I replied, "Oh, Mr. Hot head (of course I can't use their real names...) I know you do and surely you could probably put an end to it very quickly, but I would hate not to have you in class know, with being in solitary confinement all day." Hot head, "Okay, Miss...I gotcha." He returned to his seat, I walked into the room with a big smile, admonished a boy for not being on task and then proceeded with the lesson.

"Time and again I find that worry and fear cannot live in the same space with hope and action."

I don't worry about the things in life that I have absolutely no control over or that I can't personally impact. I keep fear of the unknown out of my hope sector. Worrying about things that you can't impact is draining. It sucks the life out of you and then you can't get anything accomplished!

So, if you've ever been called a worry's a few things you can try to break the worry habit:

1. Read about stories of people and organizations that made great comebacks.

2. Surround yourself with hopeful people. This is the best one. I've been amazed with the hope that I find in other's very uplifting and inspiring. You should also remove yourself from those who are pessimistic and negative. When you do this, the clouds will clear.

3. Again, start off your day with positive affirmations...

4. Know when to surrender and let it go. That time is different for everyone and for each situation. Ask yourself, "Can I change it?" If the answer is know what to do.

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