Thursday, June 11, 2009

Continuing the HCG Diet Update...Preventing Saggy Skin

I couldn't bear to post an actual picture of a person with extreme saggy skin after weight loss. Yuck! I've lost now a total of 30 pounds since January of this year. I have experienced some skin sagging and of course I'm now dealing with stretch marks. I just finished an hour work out and have decided to head back to the gym for another hour to do a bit more weight lifting and spend some time in the steam room applying organic coconut oil.

This is a really great website for suggestions on dealing with saggy loose skin.

Lose the weight gradually. Although you may be impatient to drop the pounds, a gradual weight loss at about a pound or two a week can prevent the saggy skin from forming.

Make time to weight train. Many people who try to lose a large amount of weight have a tendency to focus on cardio exercises. Yet, if you weight train as well, you are going to build muscle and keep your body firm.

Stay well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water over the course of your diet can maintain the skin's elasticity.

Eat muscle building foods. Protein menu options and healthy carbs, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can help you build muscle and prevent saggy skin.

Try a skin-firming lotion. As you begin to lose weight, use a lotion that contains ingredients that are going to help keep your skin firm, even as you drop the pounds.

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