Thursday, June 25, 2009

Toxic Co-worker at West Texas State School Pyote

I prefer writing about Wink ghosts, fun Roy Orbison weekends and weight eradication via the HCG diet; BUT I must take a moment to reveal a very toxic co-worker at the West Texas State School in Pyote. I've blogged before about toxic people and having scripts ready in advance on how to deal with to become a toxic avenger.

This particular woman (and unfortunately from my experience, most toxic people happen to be women) has a unique way of pulling you into her toxicity. She acts very friendly towards you and everyone, building your trust and confidence in her. She then will start to speak just a tad bit negatively about other know, a not so harmful gauge your feeling about a particular person. She normally does this when the other person maybe gone for the day, allowing you to feel a bit more comfortable discussing the person that's gone.

Then her plan becomes even more devious, because when the absent person returns to work...Ms. Toxic of West Texas State School will immediately run to said absent person and tell them that "you" can't be trusted. This particular course of events has been occurring all school year and it has become quite tedious to deal with.

About 3 months ago...Ms. Toxic approach myself and another individual, requesting that we document issues that we have with our boss. She went as far as to say that she's doing her best to have him removed from West Texas State School. She must have thought I would fall for this underhanded crap, but I didn't. I stared straight into her eyes and with great purpose stated, "I don't trust you. I expect you to take what ever information you get; to use for your personal advantage, to cause harm to others and to put yourself in a better light with West Texas State School."

Her approaching me ended. I went as far as to inform my boss of her devious plot and warned him that for some reason she has a vendetta against him. We haven't been able to ascertain the reason behind the attacks, but we are clearly aware and on the lookout for sneaky, underhanded, vicious attempts to under mind and discombobulate our staff.

Lately, since her attempts at being underhanded have been thwarted, she's resorted to creating fabrications. Her latest attempt portrayed the school secretary wearing shorts so revealing that you could see her bum! That day, the secretary was wearing a pair of capris...which only reveals your shins and ankles. I think that the reason for this latest attack is because Ms. Toxic is very fat, almost obese even...and the school secretary is very slender and quite pretty...which leads me to believe that Ms. Toxic is extremely envious of the school secretary's good looks and beautiful body.


Anonymous said...

Maybe JAW will actually read this,if she can read.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Well, I'm more than sure Ms Toxic can read...her problem is twisting things to fit her needs, misrepresenting the facts, causing turmoil and overall providing an unpleasant work environment.

Durango said...

Every fat person I've ever known is toxic, I did not realize this til reading about your toxic fatty. I wonder if the extra fat on the brain makes them deranged, and thus toxic. Or is it their self-loathing due to being out of control, and fat and then toxic to the rest of the world that isn't fat. My fattest toxic person intruded into my thoughts today. I've been free of that Monster for over 10 months. No more toxic fat people, ever.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Sure hope my post didn't make for a well spring of unwanted memories. That's interesting that all your toxic associations were fatties. My toxic associations have come in all shapes and sizes so I'm unable to make that correlation. :) I think your analysis of the "self-loathing" makes perfect sense. Envy leaves a bitter after taste.