Thursday, June 18, 2009

HCG Diet Update Weight Eradication

Okay, another week has passed and I'm still on round two of the HCG diet. My goal for this round is to eradicate 10 more pounds, which means I'm only shooting for about 1 - 2 pounds per week.

I'm now doing two a days for the workouts. The first hour consists of stair stepping for 40minutes, resistance 8, cross ramp 20. Then onto what I refer to as the birthing chair. I now do 100 reps, ankles raised in order to force the inner thigh to work harder. 4 sets of 12 leg presses, 4 sets of 12 thigh raises and 4 sets of 12 butt kicks.

I break for about an hour, eat a little bit, drink some water...cook dinner for the kids, wash dishes, wash clothes...that kind of thing then head back to the gym.

Second hour I work on arms and tummy. I posted my original work out and have added a few more to the mix. 4 sets of 12 butterfly press...hold weights out, arms extended, keep arms shoulder height parallel to the floor and bring arms to meet in front of body. 4 sets of 12 incline vertical press. 4 sets of 12 arm extension, pull handle from the machine across chest, both arms. 4 sets of 12 pull from behind head to moderate extension in front of head (that one's hard to explain).

On Thursday evenings, I try to end with about 20 minutes in the steam room applying organic coconut oil to help keep skin elastic and moisturized. Well, back to the gym for that second hour :)


Durango said...

Is that you topless in the pic? If so, you are clearly anorexic and need to stop the dieting at once! If that is not you, congrats on the continued good gains. I mean losses, which are gains, goal-wise.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

No sweetie that's not me :) Clearly I'd need breast enhancement if it were, and since I'm a 36 D...I'm pretty sure I don't ;)

The weight training is really paying off...everything is tigtening up and my sixes are fitting great! I'm a little bummed, the gym has been closed since Thursday due to the Roy Orbison Festival and it's been raining since Thursday as well...:( Missing my workouts