Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wink Texas Ghostly Tales Continue

I mentioned in a comment to Durango that something even spookier occurred that evening of the Thunder Road excursion. The young lady who bravely sprinkled baby powder also related this story:

"Between the years 1910-1926, Wink, a bustling expanding oil town, experienced a great migration of people wanting to invest and become wealthy. One of those migrates, a young man, his wife and their baby daughter, settled on the outskirts of town on HWY 115. The young family erected a moderate home and the inexperienced business man and father set about the business of growing his wealth. In the
beginning, oil shot through the air, people made money hand over fist, investments reaped plenty." This is where the story becomes a bit convoluted, but this man as well as plenty of others experienced the depression and succumbed to losing his fortune. "Fear and trepidation set in as the man drove home that evening, afraid to tell his wife that they had lost everything. He fatefully decided he couldn't face his family and have them look upon him as the failure he'd become. He arrived home that evening, paused in front of the little house, rested his hand on the tall tree from where the rope swing swayed gently in the breeze. Sweat beaded up on his forehead, rolled slowly into his eyes, blurring his vision momentarily, but the axe finally came into focus. With purpose, he gripped the axe handle, felt the smooth wood and steadily trudged towards the house. Upon entering the homestead, the man set about the grisly business of killing his wife and daughter. Overwhelming grief settled in, and he hung himself from the tree using his daughter's rope swing."

The story continued with, "if you go down that road late at night and you see three owls, the man's disturbed spirit is out seeking revenge." Revenge for what...I wasn't sure, but not only did we see an owl, but a large white cow stood passively in the middle of the road. Our headlights beamed making the cow's eyes glow red. It truly was eerie and all that occurred before the tracks and baby powder.

I returned home that evening, exhausted and still a bit excited from the night's events. Since we just moved to Wink, my little brother and I were sharing a room and a mattress on the floor. He was already asleep as I crawled into the makeshift bed. I had a nightmare and awoke, I looked over to my left and a white figure was sitting up next to me. I covered my head with the blanket and proceeded to scream. I believe my brother was also screaming which caused my parents to come flying down the hallway to our room. Once the lights were turned on, and my parents were able to calm us both, they returned to bed. I laid there next to my younger brother and admitted that I had the strangest dream...a man dressed in white, wielding an axe, entered our room and said that we were not going to get out alive. My brother's eyes widened to large saucers...he said, "I had the same dream."

I know it seems to be an unbelievable story, but my brother and I have discussed it and both of us even today, vividly remember the dream. What is even odder and unfortunate...the young lady who related the story of Thunder Road...took her own life a month before graduation in the year of 1987.


Anonymous said...

"You want make it out alive" is what the man in white had said in the dream...The seeing the white man when we woke up screaming was my fault. I was wearing a white karate suit to sleep in.

Bill said...

well i guess i had to actually get a logon first.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You're right! The man in the dream actually said, "You won't make it out alive" I also forgot the reason I was screaming after waking up...I thought I saw the man in white, but it was actually you in your karate suit! I'll post what you sent to me in mail:

"as i dwelled and tried to remeber that dream...the setting was at dusk turning to night. I remember a white/grayish white owl in it. Not to mention an old house type setting with rotting wood and being trapped in a room with the ax hitting the door. I think the owl was trying to warn me to stay away from there. I remember the white figure with the ax, but i cannot recall seeing his face. By the time he broke through the door and said "you won't make it out of here alive" is when i woke up."

Durango said...

Yikes! I wanna visit Wink. That is one spooky town. The same dream thing and that must be your dream sharer commenting above as anonymous, confirming. Is Wink's uniqueness what causes Gar the Texan to have his many quirks, like using astrology to plan his every move?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Yes, the commentator is my little brother, who towers above me at 6 feet tall. I think that Gar the Texan and many others in Wink may have resorted to Astrology for the mere fact of boredom, but I'm not certain or it could be the lingering effects of H2S gas... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen_sulfide

About 8 summers ago, I had my aunt's boys come and visit for a few weeks. I told them all about Thunder Road and they begged me to take them. We had a lot of fun scaring the mess out of each other!

Gar said...

I don't have quirks.

I'm just an Aquarius.