Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wink...The New Twin Peaks?

It's been suggested that Wink is the small dusty desert version of Twin Peaks. This all came about from the retelling of an unusual dream shared between myself and my brother. My brother posted a comment about the dream, restating it as much as he could remember. Right after he made the comment, and right after I posted his email to me...his computer crashed. Was this just a mere coincidence? OR a warning?

I talked to him a few mintues ago...he was able to use Vista and capture a previous restore point. Once he got the computer working again, he went down to the local Walmart and purchased a super duper Anti-virus program. He was very proud of himself that he got the computer working again.

He said the last thing he did last night before the computer crashed was post the comment about the dream...then he asked if I thought that had anything to do with it? I reassured him that others had posted to my blog without a problem, that surely he didn't catch the virus from me? He said, "No, you don't get you think because we talked about the dream...that's what caused it?"

I laughed, and said, "Surely, not!" In the background you could hear his wife saying, "It's happened again! The computer isn't working."


Durango said...

The Twin Peaks opening made me homesick. Loved that show. That falls is Snoqualmie Falls. It's the one I told you about that when there is a flood the volume of water going over that cliff makes the ground shake. The mountain being passed off as Twin Peaks is Mount Si. Brutal hike to the top, with a cool view cuz you're on the far west side of the Cascade foothills, so you are close to Seattle.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I have fond memories of the Twin Peaks television was my first tradition on my own away from home. I remember you telling me about the thunderous sound and shaking ground... I definitely would like to experience that in person