Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Road Trip to Dinosaur Valley, Fossil Rim and Joy Land

This is the day before the legendary family road trip, I'm thinking we'll be on the road for about 14 hours in three days. That's not bad, considering we've done 14 hours in two days traveling out to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

I did some map questing and have found the route I'm likely to take. I-20 East, exit 380 to FM Road 4, get on HWY 281 to FM Road 2481 and finally hit 205. It seems a bit confusing, but as long as I'm in the general area I should be able to find it. Anywho, I like stopping and asking for directions, gives me a chance to meet the locals and contribute to the local economy.

The idea to visit Fossil Rim came from reading Durango's blog. This is a perfect get away for us, my daughter considers herself to be the premier animal whisperer.
She's always rescuing stray animals, watching the Animal Planet, making bird's nests from Willow branches, bathing our cats and dogs, and even making custom outfits for our dog, Shelby.

Dinosaur Valley will also be a treat for us, because that's another hobby that my daughter and I share. I used to collect rocks, arrow heads and dream of finding dinosaur tracks; brushing away the dirt to reveal the hidden treasure. She has followed in my footsteps and finds these things interesting as well.

And the teenager? Well, since he's gotten his driving permit, he's excited about getting to drive! I'm sure that once we get there he'll find something to interest him, maybe like the local girls. I know that he likes Joy Land.


cd0103 said...

Do you like letterboxing or Geocaching? there are great ones down there!
Are you coming to Fort Worth?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I've only heard of Geocaching just recently and that was through some comments made on a friend's photos on facebook. You'll have to tell me about the two...did a bit of BB warrior back in the 90s, scavenger train rides also around that time. I don't think I'll have time to go to Fort Worth on this trip, but I'll be in Fort Worth in August.

I must assume that you live in Fort Worth, since you said am I coming instead of going.