Saturday, June 27, 2009

HGC Diet Update, Fort Worth Rejection and Change in Plans

I usually blog on Thursdays about my continuing weight loss, but I knew I would be seeing Dr. Anna on Saturday and waited until today to do the update. Dr. Anna looked extremely pleased when she saw me today, (I was wearing my size 6 jeans) and gave me her biggest and sweetest smile. I stepped up onto the scale and found out that I have eradicated an additional 7 pounds and my BMI is now 25. From the beginning of the diet, my BMI was 33...that's a significant drop. According to Dr. Anna's scales, I now weigh 122 lbs. I also purchased MesoDerm, it's a skin firming lotion that you apply twice a day. I've taken some before pictures and in a few weeks, I'll take some after pics. I haven't decided if I'm going to post the pics or not...I'm showing quite a bit of skin.

The clinic also purchased a new fraxel laser for skin repair. Alma (my laser technician) treated a lady a couple of weeks ago for really bad stretch marks. She was supposed to be there today so her progress could be checked, but she was a no show. Her results won't come to full fruition until about the third month. I don't see Alma for skin repair, but for laser hair removal. I'm working on a 3/4 Brazilian hair removal, this has been my fourth appointment, I started the process back in March.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I get home and find out that this sweet little invitation for a visit to Wink, that I extended to some good ol' boys in Fort Worth was rejected. The reason was fear of commitment. I don't know exactly to whom they were committing, but I find it all rather funny. The reason for the invite had to do with Mister Twister's attitude about a little town he'd never set foot in.

Originally this morning, I had planned to do some weed eating in the back's atrocious. I usually keep up with it pretty well, but this year for some reason I'm having a bit of difficulty. Weedeating has been postponed until tomorrow morning, after the two dozen burritos, because of the extreme heat. Instead, Annie and I will be attempting a redecorating of her room. She's had the same room style since she was a year old and now she's eight. She's picked a jungle theme, but we're not doing any painting, just some clever accessories and new curtains.


twister said...

Yep. We can tell everyone we've been to Wink. Then they'll say what, where? You know, by Kermit, I'll reply. Kermit, they'll echo weakly.
Have fun in WV in October. Now that's a place to visit, not that Wink is bad or anything.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Oh, darlin' I'd prefer a place where the seasons actually change :) Not one where there's SUMMER (lots of it) and then a short winter. My favorite trees are Japanese Maples and Magnolias...can't find them out here :( What's extremely funny is that a certain animosity exists between Winkites and Kermites. Both towns really don't have much to offer except cheap housing and a safe environment for the kids.

Just razzing you a bit, no offense really taken. I'm looking forward to witnessing a magnificent Fall. That's the good thing about living in Wink, it affords me the opportunity to get away!

I usually tell people we're 45 miles west of Odessa...