Friday, June 5, 2009

Feeling A Bit Nostalgic For My Daddy& His Lullabye To His Baby Girl

The Vietnam War, or conflict if you're being politically correct; sent many man faraway from home, my daddy was not an exception. Luckily for him and me...he served his tour in Frankfurt, Germany. Mommy and I went with daddy to Frankfurt, I was only 6 months old at the time, but I've heard plenty of great stories from daddy.

I've bragged about the running ability of my eldest, he gets that talent from my daddy's side of the family. My uncle Jimmy and 3 others took the Mississippi state relays back in the 50s...I've been told that Uncle Jimmy could run a mile right at 4 minutes. I tell you this because of an endearing story my father told regarding guard duty one night. He didn't get along with one of his commanding officers and was assigned the dreaded guard duty. Daddy made a plan to confuse and con fuddle the commanding officer. There were four check in points along the route with some distance in between, daddy schemed that he could run from each check in point, cutting across fields and be at each and every point as the dreaded commanding officer arrived.

As daddy relates this story, there's a gleam in his eye and a mischevious grin. First check point, daddy salutes the officer and sends him on his way. Daddy dropped his pack and took off running for the next point. He made it there in plenty of time, before the CO arrived. Daddy saluted the CO. The CO took a second glance, but continued on his rounds. Then daddy took off for the next check in point. Daddy made it to that one before the CO and was standing at attention saluting when the CO arrived. The CO was pretty certain that he had seen Mohler previously, and hesistated. "Mohler, weren't you at the last check point?" "No, sir!" responded my daddy. The confusion was definitely setting in. By this time, daddy, hysterical in the process of story telling, is having a hard time sputtering out the rest. You guessed it, daddy did make it to the final check point just seconds before the CO arrived. Daddy said the CO couldn't even salute him...he was so miffed that he just motioned for the driver to move one.

As Father's Day approaches, I'm often reminded of the good naturedness of my own daddy and know without a shadow of a doubt...I love him very much. The above song was the only version I could find...Daddy used to sing this lullabye to me.

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